I have been making Facebook groups

It is so quick and easy to create a Facebook group that it is very tempting to create one for any collection of people you know of that have an interest in common. In fact the groups are so useful for their members that it is criminal not to create them when you can.

I worked at Imagine Software in Liverpool does what it says. A private group that is obviously limited in size. This has been a great opportunity to contact long lost colleagues and to dig out resources for the group to share.

All Formats Computer Fairs is for anyone who had anything to do with these events. Over a 1,000 of them over a 20 year period. So the potential is great. But will it be realised?

Artforums.co.uk is for this friendly and supportive community of practicing artists. They can post their work to the group and use it to plug their websites. So there are good reasons to join.

People with the surname Everiss is another private group that can never be big, there are only a few hundred of us on earth, descended from one Gloucestershire man who changed his name from Deveraux to Everiss in the 1700s.

Bruceongames is for people who follow this blog. Feel free to join if you are a game industry professional. Use it to plug the websites of your companies and games in the “post a link” section.

So have you started any Facebook groups? Post their links into the comments on this blog if you want, let’s make the most of this social networking.

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