November 2008

Seven Hollywood studios including Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros and Disney have teamed up to sue iiNet, Australia’s third largest ISP. iiNet is accused of doing little […]

US Army get it right

I have said on here many times how games will grow to be far more than mere entertainment and that they will grow to encompass many areas of human needs and […]

Beating the pirates by being cheap

Everyone knows that you sell more of something when it is cheaper, the economists call it price elasticity of demand. So in the days of budget games for 8 bit […]

Here come the netbooks

Netbooks are a recent and significant innovation. Basically they are very small notebook computers with stripped down capabilities that are optimised for connectivity. They all have wi fi and some have bluetooth […]

The Xbox 360 surges ahead

In marketing we have something called Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) which are features and benefits that differentiate one product from another in the market. Leading to sales. Here are the […]

90% of PC games are stolen. Which is why most publishers have given up on boxed PC games, it just isn’t worth investing resources when most people will just steal […]