September 2008

Microsoft's on top

Microsoft, in the Xbox 360, have made the games platform for the keen gamer. It has the biggest catalogue of games this generation by some margin and Live has overwhelming superiority […]

Shawn Guse, software thief

In the article “Some game thieves pay for their crime” I reported how Activision was taking people who stole their games to court. One of these people was Shawn Guse […]

Microsoft to spend massively promoting the 360. With emphasis on the family and casual gaming. This is the hammer blow. Sony cannot afford to compete with Microsoft on price and […]

Future Publishing in big poo?

When I was about 11 years old I discovered that my school took a range of daily newspapers, so I started reading them. Pretty soon I discovered that one of […]

Over the last year Activision have been taking peer to peer torrent game thieves to court. Here are the results: Shawn Guse of Federal Way, Washington agreed to pay Activision […]