How many Knols have you created so far?

Wikipedia is an amazing resource, however its fundamental basis and academic system of peer reviews and editors leads to several weaknesses. Google have tried to overcome these with their new knowledge project which is called Knol. It went to public beta on the 23rd of July so you are now able to contribute to it. Eventually, like Wikipedia it will contain millions of articles, but they started with just 400.

The system that Google are using to ensure quality of content is that every article must be posted under the author’s real name and Google go through procedures to ensure that this is so before you are allowed to post. Once you have made a post nobody will edit it, the onus is totally on you, the author. Other people can add comments and you can choose the level that others can add to your article. From no outside participation through to having the article open to all members.

Unlike Wikipedia, Knol content can be commercial and can be opinion. In fact having named authors rather predisposes them to giving their point of view. And Google encourage it: “Voice your opinion. Your name is behind your Knol, and it should reflect your unique point of view.”

Your benefit to making entries on Knol is that it will put your version of the facts up in front of people who search on the subject or for the keywords in your content. But, as with Wikpedia, any links that you put within Knol articles will not help the search engine rankings of the sites linked to. Also it is possible to allow Google Adwords on your Knol entries which will generate income.

So the company you work for really needs to sort out its Knol entry now. Also you need to make a Knol entry for every game, for every senior or well known person that you employ, for every brand, every proprietary technology and every blog or other website. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your information out to the world in exactly the way that you want.

Knol is here to stay and it is self evident that it will grow rapidly to become a significant part of the interweb. So it is obvious that if you have any knowledge or information that needs a public airing then you have no option but to put it into entries there.

Already I have made over 30 Knol entries. Here is the one for this forum, for the village I live in, for Artforums and about Sharks.


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