I am away till 12 August


I have pre loaded a pile of articles.

  • 4.8 Sony PS3 marketing mistakes. I was asked for this. Should keep the fanboys happy.
  • 5.8 More on Tera Patrick and Saint’s Row 2. My reaction to the reaction really.
  • 6.8 Devil May Cry 4 sales cannibalised by piracy. The industry is at a turning point. Forced there by mass thieving.
  • 7.8 Eight news stories 7.8. Obviously this one isn’t written yet and will only happen if I find the time.
  • 8.8 Ubisoft go shopping. Some analysis of what is going on here.
  • 11.8 Charging for Microsoft Xbox Live. A popular issue at the moment.

Enjoy. Approving of comments will be much slower as I may not get to a computer for days at a time.

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  1. Whoa, are you going to defend DMC4?. Another shitty game that sells poorly (released one year ago on consoles, hello!) and its developer cries piracy?.

    Sorry, but that’s BS.

    Happy holidays, though.

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