Bill Gates retires

At 51 years old he has had enough of running the world’s biggest software company, though he remains as it’s chairman. His Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen left in 2000.

Under Bill Gates Microsoft have a long history of winning, whether it be operating systems, spreadsheets or word processors. His biggest mistake was badly underestimating the internet. Microsoft caught up with web browsers but got left way behind in search engines, allowing Google to streak ahead to become the online powerhouse that it is today.

Microsoft have a long history in gaming from their famous Flight Simulator to the most played game in the world, Windows Solitaire. Xbox has been a great, if expensive, success. Now profitable it is vying for the top position in this console generation and in Xbox Live has a vastly superior online offering that will return rich dividends in the coming years. Zune is still under-performing but has the potential to be even bigger than Xbox.

Now Bill will be devoting more time to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF) which has $38 billion to spend, making it the largest private charitable institution in the world. The biggest problem in the world is over population and much of the B&MGF spending on things like health-care look like they will make things worse, not better. Yet, ironically, in the USA they give money to Planned Parenthood.

One thing is for sure, Bill is unlikely to build a monster yacht to cruise the word like Paul Allen has.


  1. Erm yeah, we should just let them die while money is spent on other things. Damn over-populators :/

  2. Or maybe Bill Gates should spend some of the money on family planning education and contraceptives.

    In many parts of the world population control is traditionally by war, famine and disease. Remove these and population numbers spiral out of control putting impossible demands on finite resources. As we are seeing.

  3. You never know now he has the time he may make a comment on here with his Linux based pc.

  4. However, developing countries are most at risk of climate change not because they will experience greater climate change, but because they lack adaptive capacity to cope with its impacts. ,

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