Grand Theft Childhood critic shot down in flames

Inevitable really. The book Grand Theft Childhood, in doing proper research and coming out with sensible findings was bound to upset the anti game pseudo science industry. The authors say they welcome valid considered criticism but take exception at unsupported attacks.

So when Joanne Cantor, Ph.D published a scathing and factually deficient article (reported here at on the authors of Grand Theft Childhood asked the editor of the website to take a closer look at the article. He did so, asking for the advice of two outside reviewers. The conclusion was that the Joanne Cantor article “was not up to the usual standards we look for in our editorial content. There were also questions about specific assertions and accusations.” So it was pulled from the site.

And quite right too. Our industry is continually attacked by self publicising politicians, journalists and academics whose claims have no basis in fact. Grand Theft Childhood dedicates a chapter to debunking what these people have said and the false myths that they seek to perpetuate for their own narrow and misguided ends.