More eco rubbish from Greenpeace


You would think that the eco fascists would have enough to keep themselves occupied in the world these days without bothering with the video game industry. But no, they don’t. And the simple reason they don’t is that most of what eco fascists do is to garner self publicity. And the video game industry is a good target for getting in the news. So more suckers will give them money. In my book it is getting marketing a bad game.

In their latest report Greenpeace have rated Nintendo 18th out of 18 companies for being naughty with the environment. And what heinous ecological crimes have Nintendo committed to earn this accolade? The answer is because it had not provided data for the survey! Just how stupid can you get?

The arrogance of Greenpeace, a jumped up group of self appointed eco fascists. That they expect major global corporations to jump when they say so. And have a major fit of pique when they are, quite rightly, ignored. I too would do a Nintendo and tell them to get lost.

Just remember Brent Spar, where Greenpeace were caught out telling lies big time to the world’s press. And forced a major corporation not to do what was best for the environment.

In the meantime many species of shark are over 90% exterminated which is having a major global ecological impact. Sharks are the apex predator that removes the sick and weak, keeping the seas healthy. And Greenpeace are doing very little to halt the impending disaster. Because there is no publicity in it.


  1. Hoi Bruce
    Criticism is fine, but you need to be fair and to the facts

    According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary
    “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”

    You go too far with eco-fascism

    Greenpeace not working on sharks?????


    Enjoy your games

  2. I can see that has you quite riled up. Greenpeace’s sensationalist jabbing at the corporate world only muddies and confuses real environmental issues. I could never trust these typically middle class causes that have too much disposable time and income and who need something to whine about to keep themselves occupied, no matter what the cost.

  3. It appears that Greenpeace have done some work in saving sharks.

    Not many by the looks of it, avoiding the larger issue and focusing on the odd boat in the highly militant, aggressive way we love them for… but well done.

  4. I guess as a multi sports car owner (or at least when you were working), you’d take easy baseless pot-shots at voluntary organisations like Greenpeace. They may well be self-appointed, but have a lot of credibility, and a hell of a lot of supports. Calling them fascists, yeah, good one Bruce. Very matured/insightful.

  5. My sports cars still leave me with a carbon footprint a small fraction of the size of Al Gore’s (another eco fascist).
    It is not owning them that is the problem, it is using them. And I can only drive one at a time!!

  6. You’re not trying hard enough. Balance on the windowsils, tie some string round the wheels, rig up an elaborate pulley system to the pedals and I’m sure you could drive at least 2 at once.

  7. Dare you to put chip fat in them 😀

  8. What Nintendo says:

    “Nintendo has not been badly rated by Greenpeace. Greenpeace chose to conduct a survey and produce a report, which graded companies upon the voluntary submission of information.

    “Nintendo decided not to take part in the survey and were therefore ‘ungraded’ in the resulting report. Nintendo provides detailed information regarding our compliance to EU Directives via the Consumer Section of our website and therefore we felt it unnecessary to take part in the Greenpeace survey.

    “Furthermore, we fully comply with all the necessary EU Directives on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances aimed at environmental protection and consumer health and safety. Furthermore, in order to ensure our products are safe for use by young children we also take into consideration the standards applicable to toys.”

  9. They are fascist because they want to destroy anyone and anything that does not think exactly the way they do.

    The tactics used by groups like this are despicable, the ends does NOT justify the means. When you use such sleazy tactics you are no better than the groups you claim to be against. Greenpee is a joke, just like Al Gore and all the other eco hypocrites who want to tell us all how to live our lives. While they live theirs however they dam well please.

  10. The truth is not important to Greenpeace. Their political agenda is all good intentions and we should never question them.

  11. Mark, I see where you’re coming from but you have no clue what kind of work Green Peace does behind the scenes to support real positive change in environmental policies and decisions by governments around the world.

    I’ve seen first hand how they work with governments in developing countries to make things happen. It’s not high profile stuff and it’s not glamorous and often it’s dangerous because they’re dealing with nasty big money corporations who have no problem hiring hit men, gangs, or even worse, lawyers. The high profile stuff is just to get funding for the real work they do.

  12. Bruce,

    Thanks for the observations about Greenpeace tactics and agenda. People like Martin miss the figurative use of fascist because they don’t want to admit how clearly it symbolizes the MO of Greenpeace and other over-zealous, misguided environmental groups. Even using his Webster definition, one would simply need to replace the words ‘animals’ and ‘environment’ for the words ‘nation’ and ‘race’ and his own definition would be spot on regarding Greenpeace!

    Your concern about shark population shows you are concerned about the environment (like most of us are) but we just don’t buy into the ideology of ‘save the spotted owl, and humans be damned’ mentality that these groups espouse.

    Keep telling the truth, even if some people refuse to believe it.

  13. Has anybody noticed that the Wii is the most eco friendly of all the next gen consoles? It uses far less energy than the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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