June 2008

  You would think that the eco fascists would have enough to keep themselves occupied in the world these days without bothering with the video game industry. But no, they […]

Paying for brands

In the 1980s it became apparent that you could make a game sell better by borrowing someone else’s brand. You could take an average Sinclair Spectrum game and stick a […]

Boris Johnson opens his mouth and puts his foot in it. Boris has a long history of silly gaffes and it appears that becoming London Mayor has not changed the […]

No marketing = no sales #2

In part one we looked at the divide between development and marketing and the resultant stereotypes. Now we have a developers guide to marketing skills. So here are the attributes […]

Did Sony screw up the video game market?

When the Sony Playstation launched in 1994/5 it had significant competitive advantages that enabled it to beat off the competition from Sega and Nintendo to become the dominant console gaming […]

No marketing = no sales #1

Looking at the title “No marketing =no sales” you can see the obvious point that no matter how good a games, no matter how much it cost to develop and […]

I am on holiday

I am in the Caribbean Island of Grenada till July 2nd. There are some articles on the auto scheduler that will self publish themselves whilst I am away. I will […]