May 2008

Great Ubisoft interview

Ubisoft are probably the best all round game publisher at the moment so it is great to get insight into their inner workings. This interview is of Laurent Detoc, Ubisoft […]

The British Board Of Film Classification is to introduce age ratings for downloadable video games in the UK. About as much use as a chocolate fire guard. The good guys […]

Violent games cut crime

Yes it’s true, violent games cut crime. The exact opposite of what Hillary Clinton, Gordon Brown, Jack Thompson and a myriad of opportunist ignorant journalists have been saying. This is […]

April NPD

NPD sales figures for America, the reporting period includes 5 days of GTA IV sales. 714k – Nintendo Wii 415k – Nintendo DS 193k – Sony PSP 188k – Microsoft […]

Sony Playstation 2 outsells Playstation 3

Sony’s full year financial results, for the period ending March 31st, 2008 make interesting reading. During this period they sold 13.73 million Playstation 2s and 9.24  million Playstation 3s. This, possibly, […]