February 2008

What the experts predict

  A group of experts was brought together at GDC this week to discuss what the future holds for video gaming. On the panel were: Neil Young. General Manager, EA […]

Doctors use Wii Games for Physical Therapy. A nice positive story that shows the ever expanding use of games. Also a prime example of unintended consequence. Just how embarassing can […]

Our stupid business models

  Chris Mottes CEO of independent Danish developer Deadline Games has given a very interesting interview. In it he rails against the current industry business model and how it stifles […]

92% Piracy

  In 2000/1 at Codemasters I was involved in the marketing of an excellent fantasy combat game for the PC called Severance Blade of Darkness, from the Spanish developer Rebel Act […]

Is Blu-ray a Microsoft victory?

  So Sony have won the format war for HD TV content distribution. The Blu-ray disk has beaten HD DVD to become the new standard. The first Sony media victory since […]