1. BC

    Regularly, I stick the TV on or whack in a DVD because I don’t want to play a game. I regularly read.

    I play game a lot. I work on games a lot. Even with that biass …interactive media is not going to destroy all that came before it. To state that is crazy.

    I’d even argue that you can’t even compare the two. True, it is another media that demands time away from other medias. Rubbish content, in whatever form, is going to be the casuality.

    As humans we do two things to entertain ourselves since the dawn of our time …play games and enjoy stories.

    Interactive media is one. Books, TV, films and plays are another. We demand both.

    We can mix them up a bit and get some great results, but when it boils down to it there are times I’m just going to want to sit back and take something in, and other times that I’ll want to take part.

    Also, you don’t play games, do you?

  2. Steve

    OMG , having read the article the first thought that came to mind was this..

    “Coronation street – online” the MMO

    it just took me a few moments to stop laughing and pick myself up off the floor, but i’m feeling better now

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