1. Ian Osborne

    The reason no one’s taken them over is because nobody’s got any money due to the recession.

    A juggernaut like EA suffers from having a very wide turning circle, leaving it vulnerable during times of change within the industry, like now. However, it does seem to have gotten its act together of late, and has the potential to be back in profit by the end of next year.

  2. BC

    To be fair to EA, they are improving and doing the things that they need to do to survive. They’ve been dominating the Wii charts for the past month or so, focused on their own IP and dropped some licences, having a good stab at MMOs, improved their yearly titles like FIFA a lot, trying new payment models, and bolstering their franchises like Battlefield and Need for Speed.

    What they still haven’t fixed are chopping away all the useless suits and their high wages in favour of the talent folk that actually make the game. As long as they keep them then they are just letting money that they are no rightfully earning to slip through their fingers and into the pockets of the matey-network of underskilled managers.

  3. Charlotte

    I hate EA. I hate their treatment of their employees and their treatment of their customers, I hate the way they attempt to milk customers for every cent they can get, I just hate them.

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