Sony gear up the PS3 to attack the market

At long last we can see Sony starting to act with some aggression in the console war against the Xbox 360. They are very clearly positioning themselves to make up lost ground this holiday season.

We are just heading into the release of what will probably be the biggest two games of this platform generation. Modern Warfare 2 and Grand Turismo 5, both of these titles will set the market on fire. This is going to be very interesting.


  1. Sony is in a position to really make up some ground this holiday season. They will have the most exclusives and with a lower price point and some clever marketing they’re consoles should fly off the shelves.

  2. If they manage to even get close to 360 numbers in the US these holidays, the will have sold more IMO overall because of Europe and Japan. I think Sony will have Europe and Japan easily locked up these holidays, but the US still might be the the 360s favor. Time will tell.

  3. 2009 – ‘Next in line was PS3 with total revenues of $121m, markedly higher than Xbox 360, which generated $73m for EA'”

    2008 – Several companies (Ubisoft, Capcom, Namco, Konami etc.) last year also showed that they earned more on the PS3.

  4. That little video had a good rhythm. It had a lot of points I disagreed with though. Oh and what is a 360?

  5. I don’t see PS3 price drop. Since PSP Go is $250.. how can someone predict that PS3 price will be $299 after price cut !!!! not gonna happen this year . may be some game bundle will come. and the PS3Slim.. ok.. if Sony offer PS3 Slim $299.. what will happen to PSP Go??!! $199 !! huh ! no way !!

  6. I’m glad to see Sony getting serious. We’ve been waiting a long time. What will also be interesting is to see what Microsofts answer is. They won’t take a PS3 slim + price cut lying down. Of that we can be sure.

  7. Truman the price cut will come there is a lot of PS2 owners waiting for the price to come down. Xbox people is waiting to for the price cut, they know they want a PS3 so they complain about the price and some of them have one already.

  8. @TruMan The PSPGo! being at the high price point that it is, could end up putting additional strength behind the PS3 price reductions, since it’s substantially smaller and uses far less components, the PSPGo! is likely instantly more profitable than the PSP models currently on the market. Also, if it goes well they will likely start phasing out the older models of the PSP entirely, maybe as soon as next year(holiday). I will agree that $250 is way to high for the Go, but they are likely using the profit to help further leverage the cost of a PS3 price cut.

    Hopefully Microsoft is gonna do another round of cuts because I would like to get a cheaper Elite, I don’t see them sitting on their laurels while Sony tries to put them in a crater.

  9. 2010: year of the PS3? 😛

    It might be just a little too late. We’re in the middle of a recession now. If they did it a year ago they would have shifted a few more machines.

    PS3 is getting old too and it’s not a must have luxury item any more. There will be a bit of a boost, because people are going to want the slimmer version, but I have the feeling that most of these people are going to be people who already have a PS3.

    I think for a sake of a few exclusives, most people are going to be happier with what they already have and put the money towards more games instead.

  10. The 360 is about 8 million units ahead of the PS3.
    So at a million units a month it would obviously take 8 months for the PS3 to catch up. But this would mean the 360 selling zero units. Which of course is ridiculous when the 360 is outselling the PS3.

    Basically for every three PS3s that have been sold there are four 360s sold. A full third more.

    But both of them are doing really badly compared with what the PS2 did.

  11. As for loads of PS2 owners waiting for the price drop, there are also alot of 360 owners waiting for the drop too. Thank god they got the production and development costs down, but jesus, why did it take them so long?

    Call me a stingy git, but I can afford to wait until the PS3 slim gets under £200. Theres simply not enough exclusives on the PS3 even now for me to justify owning both consoles at the moment.

    For all the technical superiority that the PS3 packs, the fact remains, either due to developer laziness or technical issues, the multi-platform games dont look any different to the 360.

    By the time the PS3 slim comes down to under £200 (which will take awhile lol), there should be a half-decent back catalogue of games for me to plug away and enjoy . . . . . . Oh yeah, and a Blu-Ray player would be nice too . . . . . . .

  12. I don’t get why people put so much focus in comparing the sales. I can understand PS3 vs 360 a bit because it’s about which is going to get a bigger share of game sales in the future.

    But comparing it to the PS2 is a bit of a waste of time (and the Wii really).

    As long as the company is selling well and in profit surely things must be okay. Gamecube came third in the last generation but Nintendo still made stupid amounts of money because even third place was very profitable for them.

    Sony need to make sales to save them really. Beating the 360 isn’t the issue any more. The issue is if they can make the PS3 a viable platform again.

  13. @woodins – “developer laziness” – this term gets thrown around a lot.

    Developers are far from lazy. They’re not happy that they have to put their name on a PS3 version that is worse than the 360 one just because the technology is awkward to use and they have limited time and people to get it working.

  14. Too little, too late.

    And if this doesn’t work, Sony might need to start looking towards the PS4.

  15. I find a few serious issues with your thought process.. 2 of the 4 things are speculatory at best(not to mention highly unlikely), and the other 2 don’t mean much; as well as, the 2 titles are the most uneventful I have heard about in a long time. So really obnoxious waste of time. Thanks for nothing.

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