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Game development clusters

30 years ago commercial videogames for home computers arrived in Liverpool when I brought a pile of Apple 2 games to Microdigital that I had bought at Computer Components of […]

Someone is running an online hate campaign against me. Obviously he has never met me and has too much time on his hands. But he has found an interesting way […]

London Game Festival 2009

Next week is the fourth London Game Festival. A collection of 12 events during the week, a format that seems to be working nicely. Here is a list of all […]

Best Games Magazine Games TM – Imagine Publishing Edge Magazine – Future Publishing PC Gamer – Future Publishing Retro Gamer – Imagine Publishing Official Xbox 360 Magzine – Future Publishing […]

A part of the broader Edinburgh Festival, this presents games as a intrinsic part of our culture, a position I have always enthusiastically supported. “Edinburgh Interactive Industry Conference The Edinburgh […]

Yesterday you saw the first interview in Bruceongames. Ed Vaizey, shadow Minister for the Arts told us some of what Conservative policies will be towards games when they take over […]