Anecdotal musing

Microdigital in Liverpool

I trained as an accountant for six year with Moreland and Partners in Liverpool, then ran a computerised book keeping company they had set up. This made me aware of […]

About good management

When I was younger a lot of my friends went to work in their family companies. Their parents often insisted that they start at the bottom and learn every job […]

there is audio missing in this video 9:44-11:00 In the 1980s I was in charge of marketing at a couple of big game publishers. Imagine and Codemasters. The main market […]

At Codemasters, just a few year ago, most successful games contained some sort of license: MTV Music, Colin McRae Rally, LMA Manager, DTM and TOCA Racing, Micro Machines, American/Pop Idol, […]

Those Operation Flashpoint faces

I have possibly mentioned before about the real world people (including myself) who lent their likenesses to characters within the worldwide number one game Operation Flashpoint in 2001. This garnered […]