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Microdigital in Liverpool

I trained as an accountant for six year with Moreland and Partners in Liverpool, then ran a computerised book keeping company they had set up. This made me aware of […]

The ZX Goldenyears web page about the early days of the industry in Liverpool has stopped working. Luckily it is still in the Google cache. I am copying it here so […]

Wikipedia is useless

  Some people think that Wikipedia is the sum of all human knowledge. With 9.25 million articles it is certainly big and the fact that anyone (supposedly) can add to […]

I found an old CV

In the process of moving house last week I found an old CV. Looking at it reminded me of just what things were like in the beginning. Because we were […]

Brilliant news, this. EA have been caught out editing their entry on Wikipedia and are making weasly excuses to explain themselves. Loads of other companies have also been caught out. […]

About Bruce Everiss

Three times in my career I have joined a start-up computer games company — first Imagine, then Codemasters and now Kwalee — in the senior marketing role and helped the […]