Sony at E3 2009

Sony are running third and last in this generation of home consoles, having made more mistakes than a Bush presidency. However here at E3 2009 they started showing signs of getting their act together. But is it too little too late?

There are 364 games coming to Playstation platforms over the next year, presumably they are missing out new years day. And there is a lot for the PS3 in there: Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker, Gran Turismo 5, Rock Band: Beatles, God of War, Agent, Final Fantasy XIV Online and Modern Warfare 2. Just for starters. Impressive stuff.

The Playstation 3 answer to the Wiimote and Natal was announced but is nearly a year away. It is an extension of Playstation Eye and consists of a stick with buttons on it and a glowing orb on the end. Quite frankly this already looks like old technology compared with Natal’s whole body interface, voice input and face recognition (presuming it all works as advertised).

But the PS3s biggest problem is that it is always trying to play catch up with the Xbox 360 and failing. Most critically because Sony persist in selling the PS3 at an expensive price point that is difficult to justify from the consumer perspective. And after what Microsoft presented at E3 this year one can only see the PS3 dropping behind further.

On the mobile gaming front I have already covered the PSP Go.


  1. Sony effectively brought gaming to the masses with the PS1 and PS2, I just cant believe that they arent as “on the ball” with the PS3. No, this isn’t a 360 fanboy rant, I’m just making an observation of their strategy so far. Why have things slipped? Is it because the internal structure of Sony, being like a multi-headed hydra? I have heard comments from publishers and devs alike were they state that one department will give the go ahead on one decision or concept, only for it to be countered by another. And why the high price point? Is it part of the global strategy of positioning the PS3 as the “exclusive gaming platform”? Is it because its overall view, regardless of it starting to pay lip-service to online services, it is more focused on selling more traditional “physical” objects (you buys the premium console, you get the swanky black telly to match, oh and wait, i need the 7.1 to go with it now – All got to be Sony of course. I know friends and family who take this stance) and pushing Blu-Ray as the next standard medium?

    If they released a slimline with a few pound notes knocked-off, I would be first in line believe me, as the actual hardware has great potential. Could it just be that Sony have suffered financially of late and cant afford/want to lower the PS3’s price.

    I just wish Sony would step-up a bit more competition wise as everyone (I mean the consumer lol) would benefit.

  2. There was a big headed guy called… wiat… Ken Kutaragi I think.
    Go figure. Maybe he had a vision and was key to Sony’s gaming success.

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