The relentless Xbox machine rolls on

Challenger 2 main battle tank

I am very, very glad that I am not in competition with Microsoft’s Xbox division. They really are grinding the opposition down. And it is not as if they are attacking on one front. No, Microsoft believe in being better in every single possible way. The Xbox 360 is now, by a huge margin, the gamer’s choice of consoles from this generation. It is cheaper to buy, has far more games available and has the best online gaming service on earth, Xbox Live. Little wonder that in September Microsoft sold $404 million of Xbox 360 hardware, software and peripherals in North America alone. A phenomenal result.

Part of the success is down to platform exclusives. Halo is massive and Halo 3: ODST has done the business again through this summer. But there is also Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza Motorsport 3 and Left 4 Dead 2 with Mass Effect 2, Gears of War 3, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach and Alan Wake to come. Relentless and formidable.

There is the constant upgrading of Live to become a media hub, with HD movie rental, Facebook, Twitter, Zune and Sky Player on the way. This makes the 360 by far the most powerful entertainment hub that you can connect to your television. And it is a lesson to everyone that Microsoft are a software company, they see the Live service as being infinitely more important than the 360. The 360 is just the current box of choice, there will ultimately be far more that can use the service.

Also, quietly but persistently, Microsoft are moving content distribution away from the physical plastic and cardboard sold at retail. Online is the future and Microsoft are already there. They keep adding to the number of game titles that can be directly downloaded with a new batch just released including Army of Two, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Sonic Unleashed. Microsoft are making the transition gradually so as to wean both retail and consumers to the new reality. But the rumours are that the Xbox 3/ Xbox 720 / Project Phoenix will be a download only device.

As if the weren’t enough we have Project Natal on the way. An implementation of gesture interface technology that is a quantum leap beyond anything else. This will bring infinite new possibilities to how humans interact with video games and the whole online world. New levels on immersiveness will transform the potential of the medium. We are about to make a paradigm shift of epic proportions.

People scoff when I say that I think that the Xbox 360 will ultimately outsell the current non HD version of the Nintendo Wii. But I still think that it will. The 360 represents amazingly brilliant value for money, yet Microsoft can easily sell it even cheaper. As a gaming device it massively outperforms the alternatives. And it is evolving to do so much more as well.


  1. I perfectely agree with you Bruce! I really do not understand why people could choose a PS3: xbox360 has the best line up so far (past, present and future!), unique features, xboxlive, natal, best multiplatforms!
    Just compare the line ups! Before ’09 I think is “unfair” for Sony… Ok, 2009 line-up? is better and more variegated: from halo wars to star ocean, from ninja blade to odst, from shadow complex to forza 3….

    Could only Uncharted 2 and some screens of GT5 (that by the way will be released not before ONE YEAR in europe/us ) save Sony? I do not think so…

  2. 360 has such a narrow, limited hardcore userbase concentrated so much in america, coupled with a complete fail in japan and 3rd place in europe it will NEVER outsell wii. EVER. Being dead in the water in japan by itself guarantees this. As the generation goes on and sony’s advantage widens in europe and japan and sales in america continue their trend of matching or nudging past 360 occasionally then ps3 will eventually relegate 360 to third place. this is inevitable. all the facts point to this trend.

  3. I completely disagree with you Bruce! I really do not understand why people would choose an xbox360: xbox360 is noisy and failure prone, has a mostly mediocre line up of exclusive games, is over priced, especially the accessories, lacks wifi, bluetooth and bluray and they charge you $50 per year per person to go online.

    As for online distribution, that works ok for smaller games, but it will be quite a while before downloading 20-50gb games makes sense. But then I guess since xbox can’t easily handle that much content on physical media due to the lack of bluray then it may be ok for the xbox.

  4. Worldwide Console Sales for 2008:

    Xbox 360: 10.8 million units
    PlayStation 3: 10.73 million units

    Not a very big difference really.

  5. No, Microsoft believe in being better in every single possible way.

    Tell that to my Third RRODed console

    Digital Download all the way? What about kids-buying game who DON’T have credit cards?.

    Johnny have NEW X720 console, and he get 50 dollars from his grandpa for his birthday… Johnny wanted to buy a game… he CAN’t… b’cause ALL i Digital Distributed….

    How many Johnies are out there?

  6. I disagree. Microsoft has a good console but it is far from the picture perfect world you paint here. PS3 is making a strong comeback and has far more exclusives that not only look better than Microsofts lineup but also have awesome gameplay to match. I think it will give the 360 arun for it’s money all the way to the end of this generation.

  7. It doesn’t “outperform” the PS3 “as a gaming device”, as the performance of a gaming devices would usually be understood to refer to their technological rather than their retail accomplishments, unless you were a froth-mouthed marketing drone like yourself, of course.

  8. I’m pretty sure that FL, is just Bruce.. which is pretty tragic, agreeing with your own post…

    Xbox is alright, but its been proven that the PS3 has superior graphics now with U2 and Killzone 2… Only thing that lets it down is the damn lame controller… It’s media playing capabilities have already been proven to be superior as well (and I’m not even talking about Blu-ray)

    As soon as your current 360 red rings (which they all do), pick up a ps3 (its what I did, and don’t regret it)

  9. Whats that smell?
    Its the smell of………. FAIL
    This article just reeks of m$ propoganda, can you not just give us an unbiased article detailing the current state of affairs of the gaming industry. Is that too much to ask?
    Her e you go
    Sales in NA from 30 August -> 3 October 09

  10. WOW! I can’t believe what I’m reading. Last I checked Xbox has never outsold the Wii (making it 2nd place at best), and and only in the US has is outsold the PS3 (by a narrow margin). Oh, wait, WAS outselling the PS3.
    How can you say that the Xbox has more games when SONY owns a major share of the development studios, and most of everything else is multiplat. EA, Activision, and SONY are the three top publishers in the industry. Your comments defies logic.

  11. This article just screams bias and paid shill.

  12. It is clearly obvious that you do not have a PS3. After my 360 broke for the 3rd time I switched to PS3, and what a great switch it was. And I would like to comment on some of your points. There is only a £50 difference in price, and although people will say that you could buy a game with that, most people on the 360 will buy a wireless adapter, which the PS3 has built in. The power supply is also built in on the PS3 so it doesn’t go down the back of the TV on the xbox. And the 360 is not more powerful. Just compare graphics from exclusives with each system and you’ll see the difference, not to mention the blu-ray player on the PS3, so you’re pretty much getting a free Blu-ray player with it, also allowing you to put a lot more data on the disc. Someone from Naughty Dog said that if they never had the processing power and Disc space then Uncharted 2 would be a very different game. And talking about exclusives, there is plenty for PS3 in 2009/2010. Uncharted 2, GT5, MAG, Heavy Rain, God of war 3, Heavy rain just to name a few. So you really haven’t thought before posting this have you.

  13. Sorry for putting Heavy Rain in there twice, I meant to put the Agent.

  14. This is so not true in for lots of reasons.

    The PS3 is on pair with 360 prices, or even cheaper than 360’s if you need wireless for gaming.

    The PS3 has a B-Ray player, wireless built in, no batteries needed for controllers, can use any bluetooth adapters, as well as your own webcams, ect. All for about £40.00 more than the 360.

    I have a 500GB HardDrive in a PS3 that cost me £60.00. The 360 does’t even make a HD that size, and even if they did, it would cost the earth to buy, as the 120GB is approx £90.00 now.

    The built in wireless on the PS3 is much better than the 360’s add-on adapter that also costs you more money to buy approx £50.00 due to not being built in to the 360.

    The PS3 doesn’t cost anything to use it either. Example..the price of batteries just to use the controllers on the 360. ( or buying the plug n play kits for it £20.00 )The PS3 controllers have a built in charger and no need for extra batteries.

    Reason PORTED games look better isn’t the consoles fault, but that of the programmers. Uncharted 2 will can show this.

    More games on 360 due to 360 being out over 1yr before PS3. But PS3 has more content coming out for it now. Just look at the last E3 show.

    360 is doing really good in USA, and the 360 rules there. But the PS3 owns the rest of Europe. and Europe is bigger than USA. The PS3 was already 10 million consoles behind the 360 on release dates, but is only 6 million behind now, and closing. That shows that in the same time scale/span, the PS3 has been selling more consoles.

    Platform exclusives.? Relentless and formidable ?. OK what about the PS3’s side. Heres but just a few.

    Killzone 2 / Final Fantasy Versus XIII / God Of War III + remakes of GOW 1&2 in 720P HD / Gran Turismo 5 / Heavenly Sword / Heavy Rain / Metal Gear Solid 4 / Ratchet and Clank / Resistance 1&2 / White Knight Story / LittleBigPlanet / Socom / Uncharted 1&2 / Motorstorm 1&2 / Agent / The Last Guardian / ModNation Racers / Eight Days / Demon’s Souls / MAG (Massive Action Game)……..The List Goes On and On..

    Media hub time. = The PS3 has a internet browser, so Facebook / Twitter, ect is already available and has no need for the wait unlike the 360 has hadto have. The PS3 has VidZone ( Music Videos ) 10,000 +. It is also update regularly. There is a Movie Download service coming to the PS3 that not only allows you to rent ( Blu-Ray ) movies, or standard Def movies, but will also allow you to BUY them so that you can keep them. The PS3’s media Hub is also helped by having Blu-Ray player as standard, also the 7.1 Surround Sound function. Plus the picture/Camera function for added media hub work, ect ect.

    Now people always compare XBL to PSN. What people have to look at is this…

    XBL is 7yrs old now, while PSN is not even 3yrs old… So in the little time that PSN has been active, it has accomplished much more than XBL. You have to PAY for XBL ( prices to soon rise also ) while PSN is FREE. PS3 is using dedicated servers which is MUCH better than XBL which is using Peer to Peer. In the same time frame PSN has sold more DLC than XBL. Now what i mean by that is simple. If you add the figures up ( PSN DLC ) and times that by the 7yrs ( like XBL’s ) it shows more DLC being taken from PSN. Also PSN has more members using the PS network, with more than just one console ( meaning ) PSP / PS2 / PS3, ect.
    The only thing that makes XBL better ( to some ) is the PARTY CHAT. Cross game chat is coming to the PS3 ( looks at Uncharted 2 statements ). The PS3 allows ( GAME SHARING ) with friends. So i could buy a game like battlefield 1943 for £8.00, then share that with 4 other friends, while they share their games with me, so if you share with 4 friends you will land up with 5 games for the £8.00 you spent. You can’t do this on XBL. What i’m saying is this, theres pros and cons on both networks, but XBL fanboys need to look at PSN and what PSN offers before saying whats better.

    PSN is very good and better than XBL for a family. IE.. your children can have their own account free on PSN, yet XBL charges per person to play online. so if you have 3 children and yourself wanting an online account, it could cost upto £160 per year for 4 people on XBL, yet on PSN it’s free. See what i mean about pros n cons.

    Now Online may be the future, but it isn’t now. Not everyone has a Broadband service, or not a good speed B-Band service to allow this. So online isn’t going to take full effect for years. companies are not going to stop DVD / Blu-ray / CD / games, for years yet. Also where 360 started to sell 360 games online through XBL, The PSN was already doing this with PS3 games well before hand.

    Project Natal until it’s released is just talk of how good it’s going to be. It might just land up like a gimmick. Who wants to run around their frontroom playing football after working all day. Natal could well be an epic fail. But only time will tell. Yet on the other hand the Wii has been using its motion controller and has big success with it. Now the PS3 ( controller nick named wand ) is based on this tech but sub pixel perfect, which means it’s far better than the Wii controller, with added functions. So in the long run the PS3 might just take the lime light away from project Natal. Yet again, time will tell.

    Also the 360 will not out sell the Wii. Everyone can see that. In fact as i have said before, the PS3 is catching the 360 up in sales, so ( IMO) i see that this time next year the 360 might fall into 3rd place and the PS3 taken 2nd place, with the Wii at 1st place. The PS2 was a slow starter, but picked up straight after the slim model, well i think the PS3 is doing the same thing. More games are coming out for the PS3 now, better DLC is coming to PSN, more console exclusives are being made for the PS3 now, and programmers are starting to see the true power of what the CELL tech can achieve. Uncharted 2 shows this. It will only get better.

  15. Seems like a completely biased article to me, you present absolutely nothing to stand by your point and you actually make it sound like the 360 is some best seller and has lots of exclusives( which if you count the ones that are on the pc aswell, that leaves practically nothing), consoles like the DS and Wii have sold way more than the 360 will ever sell.
    Don’t think I’m defending the PS3 or any other system, I’m just defending game journalism which you my friend, lack quality of.
    So Please rethink your “articles” instead of making a fanboy bait ignorant post.

  16. I can’t believe someone would actually write this and believe it. This is beyond any fanboyism I’ve seen and a waste of my time.


    Thats what the PSN has in this update. and as you can see, FULL PS3 games are there ( Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ) / ( WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 ) / ( Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show ) / ( Marvel Superhero Squad ), plus much more. Also just so people know, if you buy from Zavvi your PSN money card you’ll get £20.00 for only £16.00, so every ( £10.00 ) spent is only costing you £8.00 ;o)

  18. Wow!!!
    So is it true: xbox owner spent their time on xboxlive / playing xbox while PS3 owner spent their time on N4G and gaming forum!!!
    Truth is: killzone2 has a great & smart graphic but a SLOOWWW control mode… never asked youself why?
    Truth is: uncharted2 has a great story good gamplay and great graphic but how many of you have played thru all the campaign of Gears2? Which of this 2 title have FOR YOU (not N4G) the best graphic?
    Have you ever noticed that multiplat titles 99% of times are WAY BETTER on Xbox (much more better than you can read on eurogamer).
    Have you ever asked yourself WHY each Sony PS3 exclusive title needs at least 4 years in development…
    What Naughty would be capable of with xbox?!?
    Is it possible that in 2009 people still believe that PS3 is more powerful? Even after all the true technical analysis and and the true comments from (free) developers?
    Ah…ok the SLOWWW Bluray… Ok, for movie the future is streaming (go ask Cameron, Lucas and so on..). For gaming I just prefer to swamp a disc that wait 5 minutes for the mandatory install….

    See you and enjoy your console even if it is not the best one!!!

  19. I can not imagine a person so thick in his head.. I am not a PS3 fanboy and certainly not an Xbox 360 fanboy either buti cant stop myself from commenting that this article reeks of pure Xbox Fanboyism.. If Microsoft paid you for this article(and I am quite sure of that) then tell them that this article didnt inspire me to buy an Xbox 360.. Instead i am nore firm on my decision of going for a PS3 by the end of this month.. In anycase Xbox Arcade costs 350$ in India and a PS3 comes for 400$ with a free copy of Uncharted and GT5 prologue.. More reason for m to go for it..

  20. Has Bruce been sleeping since last year?? what a fool…

  21. @ FL..

    I have all the achievements for GOW 2 and have played and finished Uncharted 2. Graphics hands down are better on Uncharted2. Plus it’s just a better game play also. Also the Online side of uncharted 2 is better, with more things to do than GOW 2. Also just for the recoes, now programmers are getting used to the CELL/Blu-ray tech the newer games don’t need a mandatory install, but has now turned to a optional install.

    Killzone 2 you say has a slow control mode. Thats so not true. Anyone that has played this game will tell you thats BS. Uncharted 2 doesn’t have a slow control and that also runs straight off the B-Ray drive.

    where you said this…

    ( Have you ever noticed that multiplat titles 99% of times are WAY BETTER on Xbox )

    Theres a simple answer to it. It’s not the console ( PS3’s ) fault, but that of bad PORTED games from the programmers. They have admitted this over n over again. But now programmers are getting used to the NEW PS3 tech and finding out they can make games really great games like ( Uncharted 2 ) which is only possible on the PS3.

    You mentioned PS3 games taking something like 4 years in development times.?
    Uncharted 2 wasn’t like 4 years in development. It was around 18 months in development.

  22. LOL crybabies running back to Japan and the Wii, PS3 ain’t beating it either. Japan is becoming increasingly irrelevant as a sales market and source of developers.

    Get over it.

  23. @Mark: Japan isn’t ever going to become irrelevant, no matter how much the Xbox fanboy inside you desperately hopes it to be so. It’s just that Japan has hit a down-swing at the beginning of this generation because they were not as prepared for next-generation development as maybe some other developers are. But as there are low-points and high-points, Japan will eventually restore their greatness in terms of videogame development once again (for the consoles that is; the great Japanese development for PORTABLES never left). For you to think that Japan will just dissolve into complete irrelevancy and never restore their former gamemaking ability is just pure idiocy and borders on racism/xenophobia. Not that I’m surprised, Xbox fanboys have never been the smartest people out there.

  24. Sorry Bruce, but where does this triumphalistic Microsoft article comes from? What is it based on?

    At the moment it’s very hard (read: impossible) to deny that the PS3 gives the most bang for the buck features-wise. The exclusive line-up uf upcoming games looks better for Sony-consoles, and by a long shot, and multiplatforms are pretty much at the same level.

    Microsoft has been beaten soundly in sales last month, and will probably be beaten even harder during the holidays and beyond (with God of ar 3, Gran Turismo 5, White Knight Chronicles and several other AAA titles slated to hit in the spring that completely overshadow the 360 line-up), and you come with this article chanting: “Microsoft has won the console war!”

    I really do wonder where it comes from.

    @FL: sorry mate, but I’m afraid you’re being seriously delusional there. You didn’t make a single point that makes sense.
    Gears of War 2 is a good game, but it’s several levels below uncharted 2 in basically every aspect of gameplay.
    What would Naughty Dog have done with an Xbox? Not much, given that they have clearly stated that uncharted 2 owes a lot of it’s quality to the combination of Blu-ray and HD.

    Swapping discs isn’t just a matter of loss of time (and of overworking the drive, hence the widespread disc reading errors plaguing 360 multi-disk games like Lost Odissey, Star Ocean and so forth), it’s a matter of allowing a completely free game-flow, with the player that can go back to already visited locations seamlessly, instead of locking them out as it happens in many multi-disk games.
    It gives developers more freedom in their storytelling, removing the need to make the story completely linear, because you can’t go back to the same place that they put in Disk 1.

    As much as you’d like to persuade yourself that PS3 users just use the forums or site like N4G more, the thing is much simpler, the PS3 is becoming more and more popular between the core userbase, and thanks to it’s reliability, features, and games now it’s more popular than the 360. This simply reflects on the fact that the online gaming community has swinged around from being 360 friendly to PS3 friendly. many have simply jumped ship. When you have a valid, affordable, and more content-rich alternative the faults of the 360 (that remains a very viable console, but it’s ridden with hidden costs and has an unacceptable failure rate) becomes very apparent and customer remorse ensues. People get tired to get just another 360 after the second red ring of death and get a PS3.

    It’s that simple.

  25. Nice bit of fan-boy baiting there Bruce.

  26. Hey Bruce you gotta get your Nose outta Microsoft’s Crack pal. You say the 360 is the “console of choice”, yet you do not mention that 360 has no chance of catching the Wiis sales? You really need to get your dumbass off the internet and learn a thing or 2 in REAL life.

  27. ‘has the best online gaming service on earth’ I take it you’ve been living under a rock this week. Not heard of MW2’s ditching of dedicated servers in favour of a more console experience for the PC? If it was that great, why are thousands of PC users condemning this?

    Is this just a flamebait article to get publicity for, you know, some other issues you have? Rather disapointing I must say.

  28. Ok, you have to know that I have access to a PS3…

    Killzone2: Is not so fun to play with (for me at least) and the graphic is great but smart. The engine is not capable to render something like the huge arena of Halo3. The gameplay then is far away from it. But it has smart graphic: great animation, not so high polygon count but great video filters, wise use of blur. The sales figure of it has given the true verdict.

    Uncharted2. Again graphicaly wise (for me) is on par with Gear2. To be more precise, the higher moment of Gear2 are on par with the higher moment of Unch2. I cannot judge the online, but the owner of the ps3 as told me that HE has some problem with the button config. To be much more precise when I see uncharted2 I do not see a game unmakeble on xbox360.
    Gameplay wise: I found the platform section very bland, too much linear (total lack of exploration) and ridicolusly created for a nextgen masterpiece. The true core gamplay is the gunfight. And is it here that Unch2 shows itself as a great clone of Gear. But it is always a clone. The cutscenes and the story in general is superb. But it seems that to own a ps3 means less gaming more watching (MGS4 anyone?). But the strange note here is why Sony still do not show the triumphant sales data?

    XBL vs PSN For all the folks that talk about online experience and so on… You do not know what you are talking about… You still do not have online chat during game!!!

    And then XBL is such a superior service that is silly how someone still try to compare it to PSN.

    So after the NPD data of last Sepember is now sure that Xbox has secure USA for this generation. I am expecting a boom but in reality.. We will se October data…And it seems that also the UK market (THE MARKET in Europe) is well secure… And where are the sales data of uncharted2 after a week?!?
    It will be hard for Sony if it will fail…
    Not to win the console war but to recover the cost of this generation…
    It seem that every one in the market know need Sony to succeed. Every exclusive is a masterpiece (GoW3 and GT5 are yet rated as 10 pefect score) the failure rate is a cover up and so on…
    Maybe the fall of this giant colossus will be to hard for everyone in this market?

  29. Actually buddy, PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360 consistently for well over a month now. As the above poster said, pull your nose out of Microsoft’s crack. Almost all of that article was filled with lies.

    360 does not exceed PS3 in every way. I could fill a page with features that PS3 has which 360 does not (better bandwidth between memory/gpu/cpu, blu-ray, wifi, hard drive standard, internet browser, etc).

    And as for exclusives, PS3 has consistently enjoyed more quality original exclusives this generation than PS3 thanks to sony’s massive internal development studio, which is the biggest in the industry. You won’t see games like uncharted 2 (which got better reviews than halo 3) on 360 ever. That, and 360 has lost over half of it’s major exclusive titles to PS3 already.

  30. It is not the first time Bruce have written bias article for MS. He might not be paid for it, but he is certainly biased..

    Thanks for conveniently ignoring the fact that the PS3 has outsold both the Xbox and the Wii in Japan, Australia and the US (which is the home country to the 360) in September.

    Thanks for ignoring the fact that the PS3 has much more AAA exclusive line up released and to be released. Like Uncharted 2(which most probably would outsell ODST in first month sales worldwide and maybe even in the US, IGN: 9.5 compared to Halo: ODST 9.0), Demon’s Souls (IGN: 9.4), Ninja Gaiden Sigma II (more exclusive contents than the 360 version but scored lower than the 360 version for some unknown reason). Games to be released includes the killer app FFXIII (exclusive in Japan) and God of War Collections (to be released by end of this year), Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time(not my cup of tea, but this game has many followers). And I am only talking about the years holiday season.

    In comparison, what does the 360 have for us? Forza 3(great game, IGN 9.0), ODST (great game but similar to Halo 3), Left 4 Dead 2 (great game, but it is also on PC, and similar to L4D to be honest)……… thats ALL!

    Do you really want to start comparing the exclusive line up next year? Really?

  31. (( The engine is not capable to render something like the huge arena of Halo3. )) I really hope your joking..?

    The 360 can’t even run Killzone 2 or uncharted 2, so i’m sure that the Cell could render anything the 360 has put out.

    PS3 = For the money ( extra £50.00 ) your getting a better tech console than any other console in the market. Heres why.

    Better looking games made than any other console ( Killzone 2 / Uncharted 2 / MGS 4 / ect )

    Better wireless than any other console.

    Better sound ( 7.1 surround sound ).

    Better Upgrades : like ( 500GB Hard Drive for under £60.00 in PC world )

    Better R.A.M ( XDR )

    Better Processor ( Cell )

    Better Disc Drive = Blu-Ray Player.

    Better Menu ( CrossBar menu like new TV’s in the market now )

    Better quality built than any other console in the market

    Up to 7 people playing at once ( nearly double the amount of other console players )

    Better Internet Browser than any other console released

    FREE internet gaming on par with chargeable internet gaming console. Saving money yearly.

    Better quality made attachments / addon’s.

    ect ect ect…

  32. @ FL..

    (( But the strange note here is why Sony still do not show the triumphant sales data? ))


    (( So after the NPD data of last Sepember is now sure that Xbox has secure USA for this generation. I am expecting a boom but in reality.. We will see October data…And it seems that also the UK market (THE MARKET in Europe) is well secure… And where are the sales data of uncharted2 after a week?!?
    It will be hard for Sony if it will fail…
    Not to win the console war but to recover the cost of this generation…)))

    Heres the link for your figures..

    As you can see ( Uncharted 2 sold 835,386 in one week )

    The PS3 from last year sales is up by ( +68% )
    The 360 from last year sales is down by ( -32% )

    PS3 is actually the only format to see an increase over 2008 levels with a stronger holiday lineup in 2009 vs 2008.

  33. @FL

    Actually gears2 is a more of a clone of uncharted, the devs even said that their cover system was inspired by uncharted

  34. The thing is, it seems that most Xbox fanboys have barely played a PS3. When I got my 360 in 2006, for reasons unknown to me, I absolutely hated the PS3. I would try to persuade people not to buy it, and then I got a PS3 and I absolutely loved it. I know I’ll have some bad coments about this, but I have seen so many more improvements on the PS3 in the 5 months I’ve had it than the 2 and a half years I had a 360. Whenever someone makes an article like this they never have anything to back. I am not a PS3 fanboy, And I actually like the 360, they are both great consoles, but I hate it when there are stupid people that post these articles when they have no idea what they are talking about.

  35. Denial’s not just a river in Egypt Tony. Japan is done, no matter how much the Sony fanboy inside you wants it to be the opposite.

    Get over it, tool.

  36. And I like the installs, because then it doesn’t scratch my discs like my 360 did.

  37. I agree with your article and the XBOX 360 has a lot to offer. I do forsee a time when the Playstation online service catches up and hopefully MS will stop charging 50 a year for a service that should either be drastically cheaper or free. I would hate to jump-ship for something like that but the PS3
    s free online service is evolving and the term FREE really appeals to me.

  38. Look, I really couldn’t care less who “wins” the console wars. But this post is just silly. Come on, Bruce, you can do better than this. It reads like a fanboy rant, all declarations and no thoughtful analysis.

  39. Try this…Add the total number of units sony sold then substract the number of failed units, put that on the side then do the same for xbox 360 and compare. Not only that Microsoft is loosing allot of money right now, fixing units, paying for exclusives and don’t think for one min that you paying that 50 dollars a year to play with your own friends covers that. It don’t, Plus all the Bootlegging, NO Way gates better get of that boat and get back in the office MICROSOFT IS FAILING. Don’t believe me check the stats on all there products for the past 5 years.

  40. See what you sony freaks don’t realize is that sony is holding back the future with another storage medium we do not need and should not even be out. The next move should have been downloads instead of blueray.. blur ray might make it 3-4 years tops.— OH YEA JOHNNY WILL HAVE ACCESS TO STORE BOUGHT POINTS THAT ACT JUST LIKE A CREDIT CARD TO BUY GAMES.. SO CALM DOWN LOSER.

    I have a hard time believeing that people bring up rrod knowing sony had made the worst system of all time.
    sony’s warranty is, go ——- your self.
    It still is that way. My buddy bought a ps3 couple of months after launch, his took a shat a year after and sony WILL not fix it.
    just like the ps2



    When sony lauched the ps3; M$ was only 6 million ahead as of right now there about 7 1/2 million ahead, which means sony has been out performed, out marketed with M$ early realise and outsold since lauch.










  42. You do realise that Bruce only posts this stuff to wind people up and make them come to his blog to make comments. All he cares about are his website stats.

  43. Wow this upset PS3 fans!

    I have two Xbox 360’s and love them.. I’m about to buy a PS3 as a Blu-ray player and have a Wii that gathers dust.. 🙂 Whatever you’ve bought enjoy it!

  44. Fanboy hate-mail cmomment error… to many… do not compute error error errr….

  45. Something to consider. No one in the military will be buying the new XBox if it is download only… for the same reason they don’t play any Steam exclusive games.

    When you are over sea’s you don’t have internet. While most of the world has internet, not everyone does. While it may not hurt your overall bottom line by ignoring this small group, it is something to consider.

  46. Was this whole post an elaborate scheme to attract the ire of console fans?

  47. If were goin to games ONLY… I prefer to stay with my PC, cuz as a “package for the money”, the PC hits.

    But if were talking about consoles, we see both ps3 and xbox360 have practically the same games.

    So the choice for me is on their exclusive titles, and by this point, Ps3 has the best games so far.

    Metal Gear IV, Little Big Planet, God of War 3, Dante´s Inferno, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, to name a few.

    On the XBOX side i can remember Forza (which im not a sim fan, but its a great title), Gears of War 1 and 2, and…. no more. The rest is also available on Ps3.

    MS told theyre willing to release NATAL for PC, so if you got a “just nice PC”, and a PS3, why you should buy a XBOX?

    Just theres no reason to me. And i didnt relate here the 3rl and all the sort of problems that unit has.

    OK… XBOX its cheaper, and the market is pitched on it, but also the PS3 is not a bad buy.

    PS3 doesnt break out of nowhere… has a free network, and better exclusives (in my opinion), and a damn bluray.

    No matter how relentlesly this machine keeps goin on, my bet is on PC and PS3.

  48. Dunno whats worse,

    The biased article, or the massive influx of fanboyish comments tinged with a sense of insecurity.

    I have a 360 and couldnt care less. You lot all seem to have very short-term memories. You guys really want to go back to the “good ol’ days”? When all we had was one console? Remember what arrogant twats Sony were in the last gen and how they treated devs outside of Japan?

    Yep, I have had my first console RROD on me, sucked hard, but wasn’t half as bad as my release PS2 dying on me (£300 remember, with only one joypad and no game lol).
    The reason I originally bought the 360 was because of the software at the time. Sorry but for the investment, the PS3 just didnt have the games. I didn’t and still dont care about the PS3’s mulit-media capabilities. Maybe because im old-fashioned and view consoles as gaming devices and my pc’s for all other entertainment and communication needs.
    At the start of this gen Sony were pretty arrogant I’m afraid. Up until now they have under-delivered and over-promised, riding on the coat-tails of previous success and fanboy loyalty. They lost alot of hardware sales, me among them. I dont for one minute think M$ are brilliant, but the failings of Sony at the start of this gen are what have enabled those money grabbing yanks to dare usurp the position of your high-powered games machine .I really dont blame the fanboyish defence from PS3’ers, having paid all that money for the first couple of generations of PS3 hardware, I would be a bit put out by the rising success of a machine that is basically a cut-down PC with an antiquted DVD drive slapped in it. Its starting to look good for the PS3 now though, finally a decent price point (not touching it until it gets under £200, why bother? The exclusives that differentiate it from the 360 are too few at the moment, maybe my attitude will change this time next year) and those much vaunted exclusives that have needed extra time to unlock this “awesome processing power” we have been promised for the past 5yrs is finally being shown. Dunno how much it is going to blow away the 360, once you get past all the marketing hyperbole, it is just a cut-down 7800 gfx card doing most of the donkey work (the 360 isnt some hulking gfx behemoth, but please get over this whole “awesome cell processing” that is so hard to program for and has unlimited potential etc.).

    The main reason I bought a 360 originally, was due to the fact it was a western console. I have had twenty years of being spoon-fed obscure, bizarre japanese game characters and games that have all the maturity of a classic bollywood film. A console that is finally western centric and has our cultural interests at heart .To answer one of the above posts, the japanese gaming sector is facing a crisis of sorts. This has been evidenced by the fact that many Jap developers held meetings during the convention season openly discussing for advice from western development houses on how they can modernise their development methods, and appeal more to a more aggressive and high quality western market. The credit crunch, a shift away from Japan being the gaming capital of the world, Jap devs having to accept that some gaijin console is out there, can you blame them for working on a console that is based around world accepted standardised PC architecture?

    I dont care who wins between the “hardcore” (for want of a better word) consoles, I dont even recognise the Wii to be honest, even more so what with the recent Ant and Dec ads. I reckon the overall sales lead by whichever one will be slight at best (when you call time between the two consoles is also debatable, especially when the next lot are out).

    M$ are here to stay my Sony friends, and I for one am greatful. A choice of Two hardcore consoles, both firms after our cash? I believe M$ making a strong push is the best thing for Sony, that arrogance has almost been banished, and they actually seem to want to fight now rather than saying “Yes, its more expensive, but trust us, you wait and see” If the PS4 is the better machine (and got a feeling it wil be, no resting on laurels this time round) I will buy that over M$’s offering, seeing as Western devs are now given the respect they now deserve. Enjoy your games this xmas and this new year. Bruce, what is it with these M$ boot licking articles?

  49. @woodins

    Too long didn’t read..

    Just kidding:)

    The so called “fanboyish comment” aren’t as bad as you make it to be, although some of them clearly is too much.

    Some of us just gotta react to a misleading article.

  50. People say, ( i’m waiting to buy a pS3 when the price drops ). That alone shows the PS3 will still sell. The way people judge PS3 and 360 makes me laugh. I have both consoles, i have more games on 360 due to bad ported over games due to the programmers.

    But the PS3 is a much better system than 360 for movies=buying or renting/playing music/storage/streaming/internet browser/ ect, ect.

    To be honest, you have got 360 fanboys ( like reading the post above in CAPS ) but they are always blinded by the FACT that the 360 console is the biggest failure rated console of all time, it is VERY noisy so no good watching films/movies on it/ It costs money just to play the console like buying batteries for the controllers/ it has no wireless built in, so now it costs more money for some people that need this feature/PLUS more money needed just to play online.

    That alone shows that the PS3 is the better system. But people just can’t see this. When PSN brings out a PARTYMODE like the 360’s XBL, everyone will jump ship.

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