May 2009

Zune HD, Microsoft have lost it

Well, as repeatedly predicted on here, we have the Zune to take on the world. And they haven’t put a phone in it! Features: Wi Fi internet access. Widescreen multitouch […]

The need to play is an irrepressible part of the human spirit, we all do it all our lives. We make games out of the most unlikely daily chores. And […]

Will this beat World of Warcraft?

One of the effects of capitalism is that competition drives prices down. Hence globalisation enables us to buy far more stuff with our money than ever before. And where something […]

Keith Vaz

As regular readers will know Keith Vaz, who is a member of parliament and chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, has been a persistent critic of video games. He […]

Thieves must cost Nintendo billions a year, stealing games that should have been paid for. Mostly using the R4 device. It appears that at long last Nintendo have got their […]

Smelly games coming soon?

Human beings evolved as hunter gatherers in the African Savannah (unless you are one of those who think we were created by magic). Video games exist inside the electronics of […]