Industry organisations in the UK #2

  The second industry organisation in the UK is TIGA, which stands for Independent Games Developers Trade Association. Once again it isn’t what it says it is with publishers, non independent […]

PS3 production cost halved with the 40GB model. It is these reductions on the Microsoft Xbox 360 as well as on the Sony PS3 that will be essential for the […]

  It seems that one of the defining attributes of the current generation of consoles will be the very large number of homes that have two of them. Mainly because the […]

Community Liaison

  Codemasters currently have a recruitment advert for Director, Community paying £90,000 PA. This is interesting to me because I had to fight like mad against strong political opposition to create this […]

Industry organisations in the UK #1

  Trade organisations are peculiar entities. They exist on the basis that the members have sufficient problems in common to overcome their natural competitive attitudes towards each other. I was involved […]

Xbox 3

  The following is just speculative fun. But it is based firmly in reality. The Microsoft Xbox 360 is very, very well designed. Part of this design genius is ease of […]