December 2008

Some Metacritic Analysis #1

I have written about Metacritic on here before. It has become the standard industry measure of game quality. So in this article I am comparing the overall game quality (according […]

Game development masterclass

I have praised Valve on here before and now figures have been released by Game Informer that show exactly how good Gabe and his company are. These figures are for […]

Microsoft have been shipping internally updated Xbox 360s since September. Now with the 65nM Jasper chipset and 256K of RAM so no external memory unit is necessary. The revised machines are recognisable by […]

It's M&A time

All over the world right now tens of thousands of bankers and other financial services workers are being given a bin bag to put their personal possessions in as their […]

15 ways to market on the internet, for free

This article contains practical information based on marketing games. It also has input from experience in marketing forums and blogs (both of which are applicable to games). Everything here is […]

Microsoft in deep trouble?

Microsoft once had a near monopoly on web browsers with Explorer, so it comes almost as a shock to find that the web browser most used to access Bruceongames is Firefox […]