December 2008

Bruceongames Facebook group

In order to be more sociable and to create an area for people with the common interest of the games industry I have started a Facebook group for Bruceongames. It […]

How not to deal with customers

In any organisation the customer is king and it is therefore vital to give them the best experience possible. They can always take their business elsewhere. So I have made […]

There is suddenly a lot going on. Enough for this bonus edition. Korean government to invest $200 million in gaming. They want to become a world force in the industry. […]

Why the TV industry is dying

It’s happening pretty much worldwide. Less and less people are watching television. So there is less advertising revenue (and the recession just makes this worse), so there is less money […]

Details of the ten most pirated PC games of 2008 have been released by TorrentFreak, it gives some idea of the sheer volume and value of what is being stolen. […]