There are some good marketing departments out there

Increasingly I am finding press releases in my inbox. Which is very nice as it keeps me informed. It also shows that some marketing departments have twigged that articles on here are  reaching many thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of people. In fact readership here over a month compares with a lot of print magazines. And it is steadily increasing.

So all you marketeers, keep on sending your messages. And if you want you can send me games and consoles too. And invite me to press events at exotic tropical locations with lots of free booze.


  1. Anyway, how do you get on these press release mailing lists? I’ve had a few articles on my blog get 10,000+ hits, and one even got up to 34,000, but I’ve still not been approached by any enterprising Marketing departments.

    Any advice?

  2. Feel free to send me over some free stuff too. 🙂

    I have noticed a couple of press releases arrive in my Inbox thanks to my blog. Makes me feel warm and special. ^_^

  3. Oddly enough I have just had THQ’s USA marketing firm offer to send me some free Wii games to review on my blog. Obviously, they are in the USA and I am in the UK, so that’s no good, but I have got them to send their games to a friend and freelance reviewer in the USA, and he is going to review them for me, but it would be nice to get the benefit of free games for myself.

    Oh yeah, look out for a review of “Battle of the Bands” going up on my blog next week if anyone’s interested ;D

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