The Scottish deserve independence


The awful government we have in Britain (with a Scottish prime minister) has seen us slide down the video game industry ratings from a long held third (behind Japan and America) to fourth behind Canada. All evidence points to this slide continuing.

However the Scottish government are enlightened, shaming their Westminster counterparts. Schoolchildren there are to be taught how to design and develop electronic games and to create computer animations and feature films. Maureen Watt, Minister for Schools and Skills, said: “There is huge confidence that Scotland will continue to play an important part in the future of video games and interactive entertainment and we are focusing on establishing firm foundations for lifelong learning and, for some, specialised study and careers. A key aim of Curriculum for Excellence is to produce informed, skilled, adaptable and enterprising citizens of the future. The pace of change in the world means that we should be equipping young people with the skills to embrace and use all the tools of modern life.”

Some people take a narrow and misinformed view of what gaming is. Gaming has the advantages of interactivity, connectivity and non linearity. These advantages will see gaming grow over the next few years to be bigger than television and film combined. Gaming will become all pervasive in areas well outside entertainment: education, medicine and management for instance. An example is that all American personnel going to Baghdad now play an MMO based on the city. This gives them not only an understanding of the physical layout but also of the everyday realities of living and working there before they ever leave America.

The opportunities that this ubiquity presents will be enormous. Children educated in gaming will be able to take advantage of a myriad of opportunities. And if this scheme works then Scottish children will grow to outperform their English equivalents.

An added advantage of Scottish independence is that Gordon Brown could no longer be Prime Minister for the English.


  1. I totally agree, as long as they stop scrounging money from westminster aswell. While we are at it, give total independance to wales, i live their and am sick of the anti english rants and moaning. Chuck em off the gravy train, both of them.

  2. The problem is that Scotland discovered oil. Since 1974 the powers that be in Westminster have deliberately disguised the truth of Scotland’s vast oil wealth from the Scottish public. In conjunction with oppressing the people of Scotland, to stop them reacting – hence the reason the deprivation and poverty in Glasgow East and the rest of Scotland has not improved very much in 30 years.

    * Scotland should have been Europe’s third richest country.
    * The Scots Pounds should have been worth minimum £1.20 to the English £1.00
    * The poverty in Glasgow East and other areas of Scotland should have been wiped out years ago.

    Since then a generation has grown up and they do not even know that Scotland is Europe’s largest producer of oil, indeed bigger than Kuwait.

    Let alone that the vast wealth that Scotland’s Oil generates has been used to bail out Northern Rock and is currently being used to finance the oil wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    By displaying this link or sending the email below to your mailing list you would be explaining to the people of Scotland there is hope all they have to do is find out the facts and vote.

    Before you vote read the top Secret Mc Crone Oil Report. It is your £32 Million a Day Stop giving it away

    The web site contains the TOP SECRET REPORT into Scotland Oil Rich Economy and the recommendations to lie and deceive the Scottish People, as the quote below explains…

    The full significance of North Sea oil was not immediately apparent and it still remains in large measure disguised from the Scottish public by the DTI…

    Scotland would be a better place if it was governed by non Westminster influenced politicians.

    Please help your fellow Scot understand the truth… Scottish Oil is worth £11,576 a second £32 Million a Day and £12 Billion a Year to the people of Scotland.

  3. Truth Teller, that is pretty ignorant, as is the website you link to.
    You confuse the gross value of the oil extracted with the profitability of that extraction.
    If you bring out £100 of oil and it costs £110 to do so you are £10 poorer. If you bring out £100 of oil and it costs £90 then you are £10 richer.

    You seem to assume that the gross value of oil extracted is pure profit to be spent. This is just rubbish. At the moment, with the high oil price, virtually all the Scottish fields must be profitable. But when the price was low there were many times when fields became unprofitable. When they are unprofitable it costs money to keep them going.

    There is far more oil in Scotland than is currently tapped. West coast and far offshore in deeper water. What are you going to do about that? Are the Scottish people going to drill them and make a loss?

    The true income from oil to a nation, for your information, is the taxation on the profit that the oil companies make. I suggest you go back and re do all your calculations using this figure. I am sure it is far less than the subsidies we English give you Scots under the grossly unfair Barnett formula. I am fed up of working and paying taxes for Glaswegians to spend on alcohol and drugs.

    Personally I wish that Scotland had been independent for years. Without the Scottish socialist vote we would now not have the awful labour government and we would be spared incompetent labour politicians like Gordon Brown.

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