Thank you everyone


In just six months this blog has gone from zero to being a Technorati top 100,000 blog (out of 112 million) with readership frequently topping 2,000 a day. From all over the world. Including many senior industry executives and game journalists.

It helps that there aren’t that many blogs written by people with real industry experience on the publishing side. This contrasts with the development side where there are a plethora of truly excellent blogs, many of which are listed on my blogroll. Having worked on the global launch of lots of games I hope that this blog can bring to you some of the joys and anguish that go with the job. Also I have been privileged to work with a lot of exceptional development talent who have created many number one games. Lessons they have taught me find their way onto the pages of this blog.

One of the aims of this blog is to help the reader engage their grey matter. Hence the presentation is often from “left field” with subjects treated differently than they are elsewhere. This is a considered and deliberate policy, as a marketing person I hate anything that is “me too”. It is far better to stand out from the crowd.

A special thanks to those who have contributed here with comments. The articles are often, by their very nature, the start of a debate. And it is the comments made by readers that carry the debate forward creating extra value for everyone. Please keep up the good work.

It is not easy finding a valid new topic to write about every day. Yet some days I have written three articles. It depends on the ebb and flow of both inspiration and news. Regular readers will know my hobby horses. Piracy, industry consolidation, stupid censorship, emerging platforms and the need to raise marketing and management standards. But these are important issues for this industry at this time so it is critical that they are addressed sufficiently.

Whilst this blog is not aimed at the legion of fanboys that are out there I am sure that some find their way here. Like everyone they are welcome, though I am sure that they disagree with a lot that is written here. It goes with the territory of being a fanboy.

So thanks once again, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. 


  1. Excellent blog Bruce. There’s always something good to read. *thumbs up*

  2. Such a torrent of posts…it’s amazing you can keep up the pace. Nice work!

  3. Hey, I found this blog a week ago and I’m loving it. Thanks for your insights, Bruce. 🙂

  4. Keep it up Bruce. I don’t always agree with your insights, but they do make me think.

  5. ^yeah same here but I do enjoy reading what has been posted. Theres been a lot of updates lately, very hard to keep up.

  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone, it is very much appreciated.
    Sorry about the volume of content. I will explain.
    Basically the blog has a new article every weekday, that is the base. For the last couple of weeks I have written weekend stories too, which has boosted the online performance of the blog a lot. So I may well keep doing it if I can find the subjects and the time.
    I plan the articles about a week ahead on average. So if something newsworthy happens I write an extra article and so you get two articles in one day.
    What I don’t want is to sacrifice quality for frequency. Each article must stand up on it’s own. So we could just as easily find ourselves down to 5 a week.

    Once again thank you for coming here and reading the articles, your time and attention are very much appreciated.

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