December 2007

Eight news stories 13.12

It is time for a cull of lawyers. Following on from the Kym Worthy story last week. I am sure that some of them do some good sometimes, but in my […]

I couldn’t believe this. The contents are, basically, a pack of lies. This is just like their campaign against Apple. And they have breached so much owned copyright and trademarks that […]

Montreal, the new Hollywood?

  When I was young I studied economics, both at A level and as a part of my accountancy training. The Economist has been regular reading ever since and now […]

A suggestion for Sony

These are dark days for Sony and Playstation. Previous undisputed winner of the console wars through two generations they are now trailing third in the current generation with developers and […]

Edge, Christmas 2007

  Let’s take a look at the games in the preview section: Too Human. You kill machines. The Outsider. You kill humans. The Club. You kill humans. Devil May Cry 4. […]

Who will buy Electronic Arts?

  The video games business is currently going through an unprecedented phase of consolidation. This phase is characterised by big global media companies investing very heavily to rapidly increase their […]

I have been asked to be on the panel of Never Mind The Polygons the ninth running of a quarterly game industry panel and game show organised by Toby Barnes of Pixel-Lab. Based […]