Adult marketing

Our industry is currently in the middle of a seismic shift. Largely due to the influence of Nintendo we are changing from an industry that targeted adolescent boys to an industry that provides interactive entertainment for everyone. Inevitable, and despite the censorship imposed by the platform holders, many of us will be involved in products with adult content. We will see more and more products like Red Light Centre, an adult virtual world.

Our problem as marketeers is marketing such products. The web is divided into two with very little overlap. There is the normal web of Google, ebay, social networking, blogs and so on. Then there is the $7 billion online porn industry. The split between the two parts is reinforced by the prudery of people like Goggle who do not allow Adwords/Adsense for adult content. And online PR services such as PRWeb refusing to handle anything adult.

So I have a couple of tips for reaching adult audiences. Adbrite is an online advertising service not too unlike to that offered by Google. If you browse the web you will be familiar with their service. I use their text ads on Artforums. Unlike Google Adbrite have an adult advertising service AVN Ads which is an identical service but for the other half of the internet.

The second tip is to advertise on the huge adult site Stile Project which has 9 million visitors a month and very reasonable advertising rates. I know of a recent $1250 test campaign there that generated 11,000 visitors. Quality too, they stayed for an average of over 5 minutes and visited over 7 pages.

So do you know any cost effective ways to reach adult content audiences?