Our first month.

According to Google Analytics we have had 8,018 unique visitors,  coming from 93 different sources and mediums and spending an average of 9 minutes 33 seconds on the site (plus an increasing number of users who are using the RSS feed).  A Google search for Bruceongames gives 1,600 results. This is the 48th article and there have been 97 comments.

From tuesday I am in Spain for a week so have written the following articles in advance:

  • Monday 10 September: Are Social Networking and MMORPGs the same thing?
  • Tuesday 11 September: Death of a brand
  • Wednesday 12 September: Is the game industry mismanaged?
  • Thursday 13 September: The future of independent game development
  • Friday 14 September: A few press release tips #3
  • Monday 17 September: Gaming desperately needs celebrities
  • Tuesday 18 September: Will Sony ever make Playstation 4?
  • Wednesday 19 September: So who are you trying to reach with your marketing?

Thank you everyone who has visited and read the content here. A special thank you to those who have contributed with comments, expanding the discussion and understanding for everyone. If you know anyone who might be interested in the content here then please tell them, word of mouth is an extremely potent marketing tool.

btw The politicians are keeping their eyes on us, we have had 48 visits from Conservativehome!!!