1. Allow me to be a bit skeptical on the chances of success Bruce. Last 3D thing I saw was “Up” by Pixar and I ended up having my eyeballs in my shoes after thirty minutes. It’s extremely straining visually. But tell me, are they using the same technology that they are using in cinema? If so, I’m really doubting it’s well adapted for gaming purpose as gamers stay in front of their machines many hours at a time.

  2. BC

    For a game to have the same quality you get at the cinema it would have to played on a 3DTV at 1080p at 120hz (60fps really, with two renders for each eye). When this is done, it’s very impressive indeed. I felt no discomfort and I usually do with other 3D stuff (even Imax).

    Considering most games are struggling when aiming to do 720p (often sub-720p) at a solid 30fps I’d be surprised that Sony’s all encompassing solution is going to produce great results for its library of games. Also, a lot of graphical effects used in games just don’t work well 3D.

    3D is going to be great when it gets here, but a lot of people seem to be jumping the gun setting back the public’s opinion of it by years.

    3D tech is easy. Making good 3D is hard.

  3. IronM@sk

    It’s all a bit gimmicky at the moment. Somebody invent a commercial hologram projector already. That’s 3D. Anything else is just faux. I don’t like the idea of having to wear those seriously uncomfortable and unfashionable glasses. I have an image (pun) to uphold.

  4. Al

    Like your blog about evony. I was waiting for a video to download so I decided to check out the evony ad, and I glad I have presents of mind to Google comments on this online game as I’ve seen it on pretty much on every site but knew nothing about it. I saw your link and decided to check out what your comment was, all I can say is
    I’m glad that there are people, like you, out there making an effort to help people, especially those with no ” street smarts”.

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