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    of course the sad fact is that a press release IS an advertisement, and sometimes a rather dishonest one at that

  2. Bang on! It’s always amazed me that for an industry so far advanced in terms of technology and development it continues to utilize old, outdated methods of engaging their potential buyers – it’s true, some are beginning to see there are other ways to market their wares but on the whole the attitude has always been – if we’re not burning a few million on tv ads, big posters and mammoth advertising campaigns it’s deemed the “product” won’t be successful – getting people talking and involved with your product will always generate buzz, arguably more so than any lavish advert – that’s why the indie developer scene, who don’t have huge money trees, rely on demo’s to let their product do the talking and not the fancy marketing spin – they invest more time talking directly to their customers using social media tools rather than, as you say “shouting” a message at them – personally i’d like to see more of the former.

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