1. Ian Osborne

    Great blog, but the picture’s a little much. Comparing your opponents to Hitler is a lazy debating tactic, and when you’re referring to Germany, it’s also in poor taste.

    Besides, the facts are clearly on your side, so why stoop to this level?

  2. I agree to Ian when it comes to the picture.

    Anyway, over here in Germany there are elections this year and it’s likely that the coalition won’t be elected again. So most of the stuff going on must be seen as a desperate way fishing for votes by activating fears.

    Second, understand that Germany is overreacting when it comes to violence as it’s a horrible part of this countries history.

  3. Sorry if the picture offends.

    I am trying to make the point, as strongly as possible, that we are experiencing destruction of culture by ignorant people. Suppressing video gaming in Germany today is exactly the same as Nazi book burning.

  4. Mark, if you (or anyone else) wants to use this article in any way to help prevent cultural vandalism please feel free to do so.
    You can just cut and paste it or translate it, whatever you want. No need to link to it here, no need to include the photo or video and no need to even give me credit. Protecting our culture is more important than my copyright.
    If my German was better I would be sending it to all 16 interior ministers and every game journalist in Germany.

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