Another disaster for Sega

We get used to reading these. Sega software sales drop by 60.5% for their Q1 ’09. And they lost $108 million in the three months. What does this tell us?: […]

Fun with Google Trends

Google Trends is brilliant for seeing how well a brand is doing out there on the interweb and thus in the real world. Here is a traditional publisher going steadily […]

Sega losses continue

SEGA Sammy  lost JPY 22.8 billion (US$ 239 million) in the financial year to March 31, 2009, an improvement from losses of JPY 52.4 billion (USD 550 million) in the […]

Sega lose $119 million in the 9 months to 31.12.08. Sales down 15.4%, 560 out of 3,100 global staff to lose their jobs and a 20% cut in “R&D” which […]