rFactor is a motor racing video game that runs on PCs, it is an accurate simulation, rather than an arcade game. And it has gained a formidable reputation despite not […]

Germans to ban paintball

In the aftermath of the Winnenden shootings the German government is going to ban paintball because it trivialises and encorages violence. I kid you not. On this level of brilliant […]

Duke Nukem Forever management farce

I have repeatedly written on here about the often abysmal level of game industry management. Duke Nukem Forever has just been cancelled after over 12 years in development. You have […]

The upcoming Apple game console

Pure speculation this, but more than eminently possible. Apple went from being a computer manufacturer to a consumer toy maker with the iPod. They then morphed into also being a […]

Trip Hawkins of Digital Chocolate is having great success on iPhone. Four out of five games they have published have been number one in the App Store chart, competing against […]