Electronic Arts

The business model for console games in this generation is not a good one. Games are very expensive to develop but most make a loss, it is only the occasional […]

World of Warcraft is an amazing gaming phenomenon and is the cash cow of all cash cows. It has 11 million monthly subscribers, which is over 60% of the total […]

Polishing games

Several times here I have gone on about the importance of polishing games. It is the one simple process that can make a good game great and an average game […]

Sims 3 pirated

So the Sims 3 is available to steal online two weeks before it is in the shops. This is one of Electronic Arts’ major releases of the year and has […]

The upcoming Apple game console

Pure speculation this, but more than eminently possible. Apple went from being a computer manufacturer to a consumer toy maker with the iPod. They then morphed into also being a […]