1. “I think as gamers mature… that they deserve more from the people that write about gaming.” /quote

    This is most definitely true. One thing I would like to add to that is that, as gamers mature, they also deserve more from the people that CREATE the games. This is more prevalent in sequels and franchises and why they seem to get such horrid reviews. The games simply don’t mature with their fanbase, instead fooling themselves into thinking they’ve done enough to satisfy the original fans while trying to grab a larger share of the younger market.

    This. Never. Works.

    Take the Colin MacRae Rally franchise from Codemasters for example. Rather than refine the Colin MacRae rally experience, they tried to get all hip and cool and market towards the younger X-Games generation. The problem here however, was they left Colin MacRae’s name on the box and currently the legions of fans are in uproar about the bastardisation of it’s beloved franchise. In addition to attempting to cater for different markets, they haven’t included enough content to satisfy either, causing some irritation in the other camp.

    Alternatively the guy who talks about Gran Turismo doing nothing new has totally the wrong idea about what fans want from their games. GT has until now simply tried to improve on what it already did well – that being driving for driving’s sake. No stupid gimmicks, just better physics and graphics. Fans don’t like change.

    Sorry for getting a bit off-topic, but I reiterate what I said in the beginning – If the game companies expect game review content to mature it also has to stop alienating the fanbases that made them their money in the first place and mature with them.

  2. I hate “new game journalism”. I’m sorry but I do!

    NGJ=Quantity not quality.

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