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The United States of America is nearing the end of the second term of probably their worst president ever. Globally the subject of derision, his policies, both domestic and international, have been a litany of incompetent disaster. His replacement will have a massive job of repairing all the harm and getting America back on the rails. Barack Obama is the man for the job and if I were American he would get my vote.

As this is a game industry blog I will explain a little more from our perspective. When it comes to gaming Hillary is a disaster. Probably because of her age she just doesn’t understand games. They are just another form of popular media. So she wrongly attacks games from a position of ignorance thinking that this will get her votes. It won’t because 72% of Americans are gamers now and can see right through her misplaced anti gaming zeal. She needs to read the Byron Review and Grand Theft Childhood if she want’s to get a grip on reality.

Obama is no where near as nakedly populist. Or as ignorant about games. Maybe because he is younger, or maybe because he seeks out expert advisors and listens to them. It is almost as if he is trying to come up with policies that are right. This will be a shock to an America accustomed to the Bush/Clinton dynasties.

In February Obama said: “We’re going to have to parent better, and turn off the television set, and put the video games away, and instill a sense of excellence in our children, and that’s going to take some time.” And now he has reinforced this: “Government can’t do everything’ when it comes to raising a good society……….turn off the television, turn off the video games.” Some people have interpreted this as being anti video games. But it isn’t, it is pro good parenting. And he is right, children should have balance in their upbringing.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t vote Republican. It’s them that got America into this mess.


  1. The problem with your analysis is that, according to Obama’s own position papers and public comments, he is remarkably anti-business, anti-free trade, pro regulation, and pro taxation. It is difficult to see how putting such a person in a position of great power could ever be good for business and commerce in America, including the video game industry.

  2. While I agree so far that I will probably vote for Obama and actually this is one of the major reasons for me, I do not believe the dissing of Republicans is the right idea. I personally am an independent voter in I do not care about party’s I only care for the person. To do other wise is to limit your own views. Using Bush as an example, right or wrong he has supported bills that would be considered pro Republican but has also pushed what would be considered pro Democrat bills and initiatives.

  3. “If I were American” I understand thats a lofty dream for most, but you are not! Voting for either the Boob with two nuts or the Nut with two boobs is disasterous either way. Obama want to Socialize America and the Hilldabitch wants to bubble wrap everything. On a side note, as and American who is damn proud of my country, my President, and the men and women who defend it, I could never vote for some poor sumbitch who can’t even muster a set to salute the flag during the national anthem!

  4. It’s always nice to see someone with an objective view of a situation agree my personal view.

    You’re part of the problem.

  5. It amazes me how many people buy into all the crap the media puts out. They talk about Obama not saluting during the Pledge, but I have also heard that it had finished and they were playing the Star Spangle Banner when that picture was taken. I find it odd that there has been no video of the event which I’m sure was covered by the press. They believe the Democrats are Socialist and the Republicans aren’t. The Republicans give millions of dollars to corporations just like the Dems. Bear Stern was a socialist giveaway. Tax breaks for corporations when they move to a certain area is socialist. NIH doing over 50 billion a year in medical research for big pharmaceuticals is socialist. Halliburton not being charged for “misplacing” billions is socialist. Free market means survival of the fittest. In America big corporations are given every hand-out possible to make them succeed. Republicans don’t want regulation and don’t enforce the ones in place. Before we had work regulations companys did anything to make a dollar. They still do actually. They put medicines on the market they know will kill people. It doesn’t matter because no one will really do anything about it. They will get fined, but never even close to the amount of profit they made. And the Dems just sit by because they’re really on the same team. When Congress passed Line Item vetos, congressman went to court to because it was unconstitutional. But no one says a word about Bushes signing statements. Tell me the difference. People need to wake up. The word looks at gangbangers as fools and thugs when in reality the world has developed the same mentality. Stand by your crew no matter what. Take pride even when they are wrong. Identify with your groups name and colors. Only pay attention to what your group says it is, not what it actually does. Everybody else is out to get you. The government says they support the troops, but not if that means providing them with the proper equipment. I’m not sure if Obama is the answer, he did come out against Airbus winning that contract. Boeing did have it but was caught cheating and had it put up for bid again. Both major parties are a joke for the most part and I wouldn’t have anything to do with either.

  6. @evan

    — What you don’t understand is economics. What you don’t seem to understand is the use of business to harm 3rd world countries, etc. etc. What you’re doing is attacking a blind subject you don’t know much about. America is huge in the market economy and huge in business etc. etc. It wont die. If anything it will create a more “fair” nation. I recently made $13,000 this last year, which I go to school full time and through the summer. My taxes were supposed to be returned as $1,050. I was then told my taxes were supposed to be dropped to $350. Where did all my money go? How am I supposed to pay bills when I don’t even make minimum wage? When I can’t even work enough to be considered full time?
    Then the stimulus package. I’m an adult. $600. Wrong. $300 because I’m too poor. What makes them think poor people don’t stimulate the economy? If anything the rich should receive nothing and the poor $600 for anyone in the household.

    @ article:
    — Well written. A president…actually being…a PRESIDENT? That’s unheard of? Well maybe it’s about time that someone stepped up and did what was needed.

    @flaming republican:
    — In my eye’s you are a true American. And you probably own an XBOX because it was made in America. What you don’t see is that neither spouses or children of those in Iraq right now feel that the war should be/have taken/ing place right now. Hell even those in the war come back and say it shouldn’t be going on. But yes, go ahead and vote for those idiots who had the power to start the war, because that’s just what we need right? More war, that YOU wont fight in.

  7. @xhairs

    Another funny thing about the economy. When they want to have a strong economy, we get “trickle-down” economics. Letting the rich keep hundreds of billions more will allow them to build stronger, bigger businesses. Now that those very people and methods have totally screwed up the economy, give a few dollars to the average person and that will save us from a recession. The truth about “trickle-down” economics is that the people who benefit from it make such crappy products that they won’t benefit as much if you instead tax the average person less. The rich can only spend so much. What they do spend they spend to make back more for the most part. The average American spends beyond his means. Unfortunately for corporate America, it’s usually on some else’s products.

  8. @flamingrepublican

    What you have to understand is that whilst you may be proud of your current president, the rest of the world feels he has manipulated America and the world to exploit foreign oil reserves and build a climate of fear.

    America is a great country. I love it. Freedom is everything. It’s what makes America so great. But your freedom of choice is constantly being attacked and this has a significant impact on the rest of the world.

    I believe in Obama. His attitude is fresh, realistic and knowledgable. Electing him president would be the best thing Americans will have done in decades.

  9. @Reluctant: My sentiments exactly 🙂

    The internet is a grand example of why people elect representatives in the first place: ask the average Joe from the street their opinion, and they’ll fire one off without much research or tact, and counter-argue in the same manner.

    Bruce, it is of course your blog and your opinions therein, but the political arena won’t let you waltz through with a quick comment and not drag muck and argument out the other end. The same reason my wife and I forbid talking politics with friends (at least those we want to stay around). Your commentary and reporting on the game industry is top-notch, there’s no reason to delve into a much uglier and wholly compromising topic like politics.

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