Some gaming April Fools


Plenty of them this year.

Surfer girl did an open letter, supposedly from John Riccitiello full of such delights as: “all physical products published by EA will see two editions, one that is free of advertisements and one that features advertisements, which will have $10 below the advertisement free edition.”

Bungie came up with this visual Halo 3 spoof.

ThinkGeek put a lot of work into this one. It involves a new Wii peripheral and a game called Super Pii Pii Brothers. Very well crafted, it took people in.

World of Warcraft coming to console with Molten Core is another that a lot of work went into and which some believed.

Microsoft put four seperate Xbox jokers into theirs. Once again very well crafted but less believable than some.

PS3 Addict photoshopped a CBR 600 motorcycle into Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Nicely done.

PSXExtreme have Sony launching a $150 PS3 with no BluRay drive.

GTA IV to feature masturbation and intercourse. Yep, sure.

There were more, but some have already been taken down, so the links above may not last too long.

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