1. David

    Nice to see a new post!
    About the point, “Poor development tools”, don’t you think that with the advent of tools like Unity, Shiva, etc, that problem is starting to get solved? I mean, other middleware companies have awakened and see that their production pipeline is not even close to those examples and started improving it right away (e.g Torque)

  2. Tim

    Good article, thanks a lot for writing in this blog after a long pause.

  3. Nice to read you again!! Really missed your insights.

    There are too many developers writing blogs without such a clear understanding of what’s going on.

  4. roger

    A post for a change!
    Interesting as always Bruce.

  5. “So what has gone wrong?”

    How about the trend of the year: clone every successful Facebook game and be sure to keep them all dumbed-down so that they bore 8-yr-olds.

    That’s where gaming is in 2010, with Freemium as the economic model.

    P.S. Someone still plays platformers?!

  6. Andy Hughes

    No, the reason why the gaming industry is in such a mess is people like you – marketers.

  7. Mike

    The game industry keeps putting out the same crap over and over again. There are too many FPS games and developers are too lazy to think outside the box so they clone, clone, and clone. They are killing the industry with this garbage an so are the dumb narrow headed consumers who keep buying it.

  8. Jimmy

    Nice to see you back Bruce.

    Looks like we will it be playing all the same old rubbish games just in 3d? People programming disguised as a “game”.

    Kickabout in the park anyone?

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