1. Roger

    God rest his soul, our thoughts go to his family and friends.

    Thats a revealing terminal blog, putting it mildly. As a medicine student, I know that it means a lot for terminally ill patients to have a good, family-oriented last period in life. He was a brave man.

  2. D

    I am very sorry to hear that.
    btw did you know that you have evony ads on your site now?

  3. Robert Matthews

    Only just read about his untimely death. I first came across Guy in the early 1980s, when I was just starting out in my science writing career, and was always impressed by his knowledge and writing style – authoritative without pomposity. My condolences to his family.

  4. roger

    20 days gone bye and no updates or anything?

    Taking a vacation after the Evony affair or has something happened?

  5. I was wondering the same thing… I’m surprised you didn’t do some write-up of the “New iPhone” scandal.

  6. james

    cant wait to hear some more of your blogs, been coming every day and havn’t seen anything new for a while, hope everything is all well

  7. roger

    Has he been kidnapped by chinese evony agents or has something more non-surreal happened?

    Give us an update Bruce!

  8. RJones

    Either the Evony police got him or he is having a hard time dealing with Sony beating MS globally in sales for the last few months.

  9. Kaziarl

    Well, if he is taking a vacation, it’s well deserved I’m sure. Although on the other hand, while I’m not normally prone to this sort of thinking… What if ‘they’ got him? (‘they’ being evony and their already terribly shady practices.)

  10. D

    1 month to the date from his last post. What the hell has happened? I’d much rather hear him bitchin about evony than not have a word from him for a WHOLE MONTH!


  11. roger

    what, really? Could that be true?

    If so, I hope the police will use his recent dealings with evony as clues.

    Just vanishing, without telling collegues and friends is strange indeed…

  12. Umm...

    I doubt it. How would our posts be moderated then?
    On the. Other hand, he hasn’t posted anything either. This is scary.

  13. Umm...

    Just checked the whole blog, not a single post about Bruce Alexis.

  14. George

    no way! are you serious?
    I hope Bruce is ok.

  15. Bruce seems to be active on LinkedIn since he added new contacts 6 days ago and even today !
    (Although I guess it could be persons he invited and who took a long time to accept).

  16. Perhaps Evony is paying Bruce not to blog. Who knows.

    An email to Bruce’s Auz lawyers may shed light on the subject.

    Hope all is well with him.

  17. Daniel

    Given Bruce’s track record with this sort of thing, I don’t think he would accept money to keep quiet. And if Evony were going to pay him, they’d pay him not to blog about Evony, not to quit his blogging career altogether. Perhaps something personal happened in real life. Still, it is strange that he would go so long without so much as a “hey guys, taking a break” message.

  18. AC

    On a side note Blizzard is reporting a significant rise in accounts being compromised. This appears to be since Evony retracted their lawsuit. It would appear that the WoW goldfarmers have started to become rather busy once again. But of course, the scenario people tend to miss is that both of these products monitor peoples RAM. Can you see the link?

    I wonder what Guy Kewney would have made of all this. Somehow I cannot help but think that the best reporters fully understood the funny side of our material stupidity.


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