1. Ashendarei

    It would be interesting to see the next gen console push towards internet connection for acquiring new games rather then physical manufacture.

    IE: You go out and buy a Playstation 4, get it set up, and connect it to your network. From here you create a gamer account (similar to Xbox live) and games that you purchase from their website either from the console or PC, are available to download from their servers to your PS4.

    That would replace much of the production costs with server / housing costs, but the prices for online storage prices have already fallen quite far from where they were even a year ago.

  2. I agree to your argumentation. But for us as a small studio, our publisher is like a combined service provider. They take care of everything the small team cannot handle or pay for. This can either be hardware, customer service, marketing etc. They also take a good part of the risk.
    For small teams, starting with a publisher is not a bad move i think.

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