Marketing Tips

Once again a little reminder that these are just random tips and in no way constitute any complete reference on the subject. Currently, due to the growth of broadband, the […]

As ever this is not an instructional manual, just a few tips: First, whatever the scale of your press release distribution and no matter how big or small your story, […]

This is just so simple and so obvious and yet everybody seems to forget it. In computer games publishing there is a tendency to see other publishers as the competition. […]

Towards the end of the original Playstation cycle we at Codemasters released what we knew to be a hit game and so we were not unduly surprised when it went […]

This is such a powerful tool. Some organisations have the company tour formalised to a fine art whilst some don’t bother at all. At Codemasters I started doing these myself. […]

With these tips I am not setting out a marketing course. Just little tips I have learned over the years that work. Some of these tips a lot of you […]