In 2002 Sony brought us the Eyetoy peripheral but failed to capitalise on its potential. At the 2005 Tokyo Game Show Nintendo revealed their Wii gesture interface that was probably […]

***Contains bad language*** A brief history of one man’s gaming life from the early 90s to the present day. The first person to successfully list of all the game titles […]


According to Wikipedia a Pikey is a pejorative slang term used primarily in England, originally referring to travellers, sometimes known as gypsies. In recent years, the definition has become even looser and […]


  One of the most amusing features of this industry is the fanboys. On every forum they strut their stuff as the world experts on everything. Yet in reality they […]


It is inevitable really. The Wii gesture controller can involve far more athleticism in gameplay than the joypads of non gesture interface gaming platforms. Add to that the addictive quality […]