Justin Forrest, a gaming star

The game Ashes Cricket 2009 is overall, all formats, number one in the UK, having removed Nintendo’s Wii Sports Resort from that position. A great achievement. But as is so common in video games the people behind it don’t get the credit.

Justin Forrest is the key here. He played divisional cricket in South Africa, which is the equivalent of our county cricket. And he is a top game designer and external producer and was at Codies for 7 years, during the good days! He was the driving force behind Brian Lara ’05. Then he went to EA Canada for two and a half years and was responsible for their Cricket ’07. So Brian Lara Cricket ’07 was made by Codemasters without him.

But now he is back at Codemasters as we can all see with this great chart success.


  1. It is great to see Justin’s continued success on cricket games. I really enjoyed working with him during my time at Codemasters and I am proud to see him continuing to develop hit games in his specialised area. As a sports game designer he is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

  2. Except Ashes 2009 was developed by Transmission Games (http://www.transmissiongames.com/) rather than Codemasters, and Justin works for Codemasters Online.

    He is excellent at what he does though, and a great asset for Codemasters.

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