Online stealing costs woman $1.9 million

And quite right too.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, from Minnesota, had damages awarded against her of $1.9 million by a federal court for downloading 24 songs. She could have settled without going to court by paying $3 – $5 thousand but chose not to. She was hosting 1,700 tracks on Kazaa but was taken to court just for the sample of 24.

What is it with these people who think that it is OK to steal other people’s property on this scale?

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  1. It’s actually not the best result for the RIAA – her defense will claim (with some reasonable justification, I’d add) that a $2m fine is a penalty that violates the Constitution’s edict against ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.

    And even if it stands, the music industry is never going to see that money, so all they’ve got is another round of bad publicity…

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