Eight news stories 12.6

  • Apple announce the revised iPhone. The camera is still a load of rubbish. Other than that they seem to be going for world domination with greatly uprated capabilities and a much lower price and an easy route to lots of applications. What Apple are doing isn’t rocket science which is why they are acting so quickly along so many fronts. They want to keep clear blue water between themselves and the following herd.
  • The Sony PSP continues to sell massively. But it is wrong to think of this device as a games console any more. In real world usage it has become a cheap media player that just happens to also have the capability to play (usually pirated) games. Meanwhile Ready at Dawn, developer of God Of War: Chains Of Olympus, are yet another game company to quit the Sony PSP.
  • nVidia say that on the PC “The pirates are just killing the developers – and I think it’s really unfair what they’re doing.” How this once mighty gaming platform has fallen. They go on to say “No-one is going to make a PC-exclusive game in the future.” And the pirates lame excuses include that they think their actions cause no harm. Just how stupid are they? 
  • UK government wants it’s game industry to go to Canada. This is the only logical conclusion you can come to at their refusal even to give gaming the support that film gets. Gordon Brown and his ministers are totally detached from reality. They are throwing away billions in national wealth for Britain due to their complete ignorance. ELSPA are still obviously failing in their duty to educate politicians.
  • Jack Thompson throws his toys out of the pram. You have to worry that this guy is actually deranged. His actions bear no relationship to the real world, facts and logical thought patterns. It is almost as if he will do absolutely anything just to draw further publicity to himself. I hope that Fox News and other who have hosted his lieing rants over the years are ashamed of themselves now he is banned.
  • Xbox 360 Sales Pass Xbox Sales in the UK in half the time according to the latest guess from VGCHARTZ. With the bulk of this generation HDTV console sales yet to come this is a great achievement. But given their price, game catalogue and graphics power advantages they could, perhaps, have done better.
  • Xbox 360 is doomed according to a whole load of analysts. But before you give them any credence ask them what their predictions were for the Wii in 2007. Analyst predictions for this generation of consoles have been mostly wrong, I don’t know anything that is going to get them to change this habit.
  • Porn Addiction isn’t as Embarrassing as Gaming Addiction according to an American psychiatrist. I think that the critics of video gaming (The Daily Mail, Fox News, Hillary Clinton, Gordon Brown and other ignorant self publicists) concentrate, wrongly, on sex and violence which are irrelevant non issues and they miss out totally on the real problem of gaming addiction. There are many worse forms of addiction such as gambling and tobacco but still we should be looking at gaming addiction so we can better understand it.


  1. It’s laughable that nvidia is pointing to pirates when they are one of the main culprits of the PC situation (as are many of their partners in the oh so ironically called PCGA).

  2. I note with interest that you seem to dismiss a positive PSP point (#2) into a negative and go on to dismiss a negative 360 point (#7) into a positive.

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