November 2007

The interweb and game marketing

I was at Codemasters at a time when online marketing grew from just about zero to being a major force. This presented new opportunities and new problems. Personally I saw […]

I found an old CV

In the process of moving house last week I found an old CV. Looking at it reminded me of just what things were like in the beginning. Because we were […]

In praise of MCV

I have changed my mind about this and deleted the original article. You are far better off spending your time and money doing community and viral work online and with […]

The Xbox back catalogue is coming to the 360 on Xbox Live. Games like Halo, Fable, Farenheit, Burnout 3, Psychonauts, Fusion Frenzy and Crimson Skies. At low prices. This is […]

TIGA are looking for a new Chief Executive. This could be a massively interesting and influential job. However at £60K PA it will probably appeal to someone at the end […]

Codemasters released Colin McRae rally on the original playstation in 1998. It was a major hit, breathing new life into the genre. And benefiting Sony enormously with many millions of […]