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Viral video

I thought that I would post this for your amusement. I was helping my staff set up the camera for a video shoot and pretended to be the model. They then took the footage and did this to it.

A bit of marketing fun

A huge problem in the app marketplace is gaining visibility. Many hundreds of new apps are released every day, all vying for the attention of journalists and the public. It is immensely difficult to get your app noticed at all. If you go to the forums where the indie developers hang out you can see that this is their biggest problem. As Oscar Wilde said, there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about.

There are two ways out of this that are commonly used, one is to throw money at the problem, to buy visibility. We don’t really want to do this at Kwalee if we can help it. The other is to cross promote between a catalog of existing apps on the app store.  But Kwalee only has one app out there, Gobang Social.

Gobang Social is a great fun game to play with your Facebook friends. We developed it as a technology demonstrator, to prove that we could do many different things that are involved in developing and publishing an app. Also as the testbed to create our turn based server technology. This simple, fun game was ideal for the task and enabled us to climb all sorts of learning curves.

However we do need to have players using the game in order to test and develop what we are doing. So we need to do some marketing to attract these people. And as we already know, this is difficult in an extremely crowded marketplace.

Our solution was to create a really wacky video and to incorporate a competition. In marketing terms this was very inexpensive indeed. And it has worked, it has done exactly the job it was intended to do. Not only that, the staff had a great fun day out. And we continued to build our brand image as a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously and which has a laugh.

And just for good measure, here is the product video for Gobang Social, so you can see what our game looks like:

Daily Mail lampooned, because they deserve it

The Daily Mail is a British newspaper with a circulation of about two million. In terms of content the nearest American equivalent is, perhaps, Fox News. Their editorial stance is mostly shock and outrage and they pick on the easy targets, like immigration and video games.

I have written on here many times about how the Mail’s reporting of video games seems based on a lack of understanding and as if they don’t want the facts to get in the way of a good story. The worrying thing is that whilst most people who buy The Mail must surely see it as some sort of entertaining ironic parody there might be some who actually believe what they read. I hope not.

The above video is currently doing the rounds and it is brilliant because it so accurately encapsulates what The Mail is about. Enjoy.

Rejected Wii games

The gesture interface presents us with infinite possibilities.

Evony advert ridiculed by PopCap

This is a brilliant piece of marketing and is very funny. Well done PopCap.

popcap evony advert

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