1. The only use of this I can envisage that actually excites me is ‘passive’ use of the device. Pulse alone probably wouldn’t be enough (there are devices already in existence that can detect how angry/calm you are), but games that react to your mood would be a massive step forwards. No more selecting an appropriate dialogue response: the game would suss that you were outraged at the previous NPC’s actions and your character would deliver a line reflecting your anger.

  2. This is a brilliant idea, but will it live up to the expectations? If so, it will completely revolutionize the Wii Fitness system and at long term revolutionize video games.

    Silent Hill:Shattered Memories is having a psychological test to spook you out at the beginning of the game, if bio feedback would be implemented to that sort of thing, well, I can’t imagine the number of possibilities.

  3. Hal

    Biofeedback has been available to the general public since the early 70’s.
    In 1975, Thought Technology introduced the Gsr1 and then in 1976 the GSR2. This handheld device detected skin conductance or GSR, providing tone or visual feebcak of changes in the user’s stress level.
    Over 500,000 were sold over the next 30 years through catalogues like Sharper Image and websites.
    In 1984, the GSR was coupled to the Apple 2E PC and named CalmPute. It had many features, one of which was a car racing game, where the car would slow as the user got more stressed. The idea was to teach relaxation under stressful conditions.
    The unit and clinical instruments are still available from the company.

  4. The purpose of biofeedback seems somewhat lost in the talk of games and game technology. The purpose of biofeedback is to help in guiding you to relaxation or stress reduction or better athletic performance through visualization. For most biofeedback practitioners they are using biofeedback to address debilitating problems. This ranges for sleep problems and general stress to serious PTSD issues in the military and VA. As an example the GSR2 can be teamed with audio CD programs called the Biofeedback Behavioral Management Series (BBMS) for 12 stress related or exacerbated problems. This is the true value of biofeedback.
    If biofeedback games help in a backdoor way, or bring awareness to the mind-body continuum and the ability to control stress through the mind, all the better.

  5. Benpwner

    @ #2Ben…revolutionize video games my ass!, you my friend are a fool..lol

  6. Cam

    So it’s going to end up not being used to its full potential, just like every other Wii accessory and Wii in general? If Nintendo wants developers to take advantage of their hardware they need to improve the Wii in presentation, memory,and online.

  7. gii bro

    I want ETERNAL DARKNESS 2 with Vitality Sensor support now!

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