1. woodins

    Congrats on all his previous successes and good luck with all his future endeavours.

    The last of his generation? Being a bit of a gaming geek for several years now, guys like Andrew Goyer who started of coding on the Spectrum, Amiga etc. were kind of heroes of mine back in the day. Now that this generation of UK “bedroom coders” are dying off, who is gonna take their place? The UK government still refuse to take this industry seriously, and give no decent tax breaks as opposed to France and Canada (could Ubisoft doen what they did without that?). Is it no wonder we are falling further and further down the international development table? How are the next Andrew Goyers expected to come through?

  2. Well done for getting an interview Bruce. Thanks for the great questions as well.

    I think it’s going to be interesting to see what Mechscape is like. Certainly, given the vision that hindsight gives you, some of the design philosophies in RuneScape are somewhat artificial. Limited perhaps by technology and the ideas originally, RS still presents a worthwhile game.

    Hopefully, now that the game world places more emphasis on lore and backstory, MechScape will present a coherent, involving and developing game.

    For a couple of guys in back bedroom, RuneScape is an awesome project. It’s managed to survive the period of transition from hobby MUD to commercially-backed MMO.

    Certainly Andrew presents a far better approach to MMO building than the almost suicidal Damon Crow (http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/66148/mmo-designer-vows-to-dethrone-world-of-warcraft/).

    Thanks Bruce & Andrew,

  3. I find it very interesting how MechScape’s real name hasn’t been revealed yet. It is unprecedented in gaming history for a game to reach internal testing and still have a code-name.

    Andrew mentions that MechScape will be made in light of the experience gained from RuneScape. What this means is to avoid the mistakes made with RuneScape. However, if we go on just this philosophy, then MechScape will be a modern-day RuneScape. Since MechScape is also said to be vastly different from RuneScape, there is room for new unforseen problems to arise. In plain words, MechScape may have gameplay flaws. We won’t know until the gamers get to actually try it out. Often, developers don’t see or expect these problems. Look what happened to Age of Conan.

  4. Dan

    Very interesting read; the questions asked really gave some insight into Andrew’s life and the company as a whole.

    As a 20 year old who happens to play the game I can say that they’ve made quite a bit of progress throughout the last few years (at least as far as the game is concerned!).
    That said, their PR needs a lot of work. ^_^ It’s unfortunate that they don’t have the time for players.

    I’m personally looking forward to the new game because I imagine that they’ll have some rather innovative content (especially since they’re strongly opposed to things such as gold farming and macroing, and will have likely designed the game around preventing or diminishing the chance that these things will occur).

  5. I love Runescape and though I dont get to play funorb as much as I want i still remember most of the games on the amiga, I am an oldie too lol

    I look forward to Mechscape and cant wait till we can finally “announce” it on Sals lol

  6. Osaka

    JAGEX, STOP ‘IMPROVING’ MechScape, get it out already! You can just Q&A what you have now and do what you have to improve as an update!!! We want to explore that seemingly awesome game NOW, any updates can be done later, but we don’t want to wait till later to play it.
    So please Q&A this and leave any improvements content-wise (if there is any tech-wise then DO IT :D) as updates to come in future months! :)

  7. MechScape better be awesome when it is released, after all of this waiting that we’ve done for it…

    Great interview Bruce, thanks for sharing!

  8. Well this is a very nice interview.

    You know, as an old player from when Runescape was still very small (and totally free), I am not entirely sure that Jagex has really learned *that much* from their mistakes.

    A lot of their updates often have bugs or not well-thought-out content that later needs to be fixed.

    Summoning, for example, was so horrendously impractical and unattractive that players pretty much ignored the new content. They had to update this new skill to make it worthwhile.

    I am not a developer, of course, just a player but it seems to me that Jagex is not too in touch with their playerbase.

    Currently I play Maplestory and, unlike Jagex, they never have to “fix” new skills or content, apart from your regular bugs, of course.

  9. Very interesting article, I actually had the pleasure to contact Mr. Gower recently. Pleasant guy.

  10. toomas

    hey man that runescape game is awesome
    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyy cool i play it every day

  11. I need to talk to you Andrew I see something alot of people want runescape to do and i see a way to achieve it but i must talk to you! Its about RT1 if you guy’s still have the engine we can combine the rt5 and rt1 to make rt6 a first/3rd person mmorpg like WoW alot of people would like to see something like this and it would be cool if you would do it unfortunatly yes i know your game is on a grid and we would have to free it from that but the basics of the game are geniouse to say the least!

  12. Jeremy

    Is there a way to contact him, or the runescape team? Besides the forums, which i sadly cannot post on, and besides the Jagex website, because i do not belong in any of those categories. Is there a specific e-mail that he will answer to? If there is a way, send me an e-mail at jmpetrotto@gmail.com with a subject of Jagex. Thanks!

  13. Awesome interview! I’ve seen soo many fake interviews with Andrew Gower so it’s nice to read a real one! I specifically agree with his statement that he didnt set out to make a massive online game that would make money but rather just built it up as he learned more. I experienced this first hand with my game “Grail Quest” that I made as a project for grade 12. The game is massive now, and if I had tried to make it what it is now from the beginning, it would have been overwhelming. Even today I look back at it wondering how I got it to come together! (you can download Grail Quest from my site if it listed it, if not here it is: http://sites.google.com/site/seanscomputerscience/games/grail-quest/ )
    Thanks for this quality interview Bruce!

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